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Q for older fit guys taking Alpha Blockers for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
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OK. Sucks to post this but genetics caught up to me.

I'm about 8 days into taking an Alpha Blocker for an enlarged prostate. I'm pretty darn fit, training hard on my limiters this off season to hopefully qualify for 70.3 worlds.

Since taking this stuff (Alfuzosin 10MG which is lowest dose) my normal bike trainer workouts feel harder, core strength training I feel like passing out and need a longer recovery between sets in the pool. Its vascular dilation effect is dropping my blood pressure or doing something to me.

Anyone else experience this? Did you ever reach a homeostasis after time and get back to "normal"?

Old guy getting faster

Tri is my Tribe! "Sometimes you need to slow down in order to go fast."
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