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QR bike
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Anyone familiar with a QR Main Streak (?) or Main Strike tri bike or something like that.

I ran across one in a bike shop in the Netherlands, and they are asking about 350 Euro for it, used obviuosly, but the bike looks hot.

Not that I need a bike here in Holland, I already have a Duell (Dutch brand) here, but the QR looked intruiging (aero bar, with em roating shifterknobs on the end too). Perhaps take it back with me to The States, I know my wife would love that!

What do you guys think?


(they also had the Giant carbon TDF road bike in the window for display, but a 10.000 Euro price tag is a little hefty - I really need not come home then)
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Re: QR bike [Henk J] [ In reply to ]
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I don't remeber which one the Main Streak was, but I do know pretty much all older QR's have some classic sex appeal. Heck, It may even make a decent collectors bike. If you want it take it, (though make sure your story is really good for your wife.) Or leave it and pick some nice jewelry instead.


I don't work here, I just live here
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