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Periodization of the season
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Hi everyone ! I'm a french triathlete (sorry for the english), I started 2 years ago, 37' standalone 10k, about 26min/1500m swimming.
My principal weakness is the bike portion.

This year, I wanted to fix my bike weakness by structuring a little bit my training.
I decided to follow a British Cycling off season base builder, with basically 3-4 ride/week (2 sweetspot session, a longer session 3-5h and an optional strength session on the bike).

I swim 2 times a week, and I wanted to follow the BarryP run program.

My main races will be a 10k in march, a 70.3 in june and another 70.3 in september wich will be my "goal".
This let me 12w before the 10k, 12w before the first 70.3 and then 12 other weeks.

Since my bike training is intense with a lot of sweetspot, I wanted to structure my year like that:

-phase 1, 12w of base training leading to my 10k. British cycling base builder on the bike, 3 short/2 medium/1long run all easy running building mileage with some strides.

-phase 2, 12w with preseason british cycling training plan and a block of 4 weeks time trial plan, 3 short/1medim/1 lactate threshold/1 long run

-phase 3, 12w with in season british cycling training plan, and specific running phase with 3 short/1 medium+ or tempo run/1 lactate threshold/1 long run.

The short runs will be brick run, after indoor bike workout, 15 to 30min. Medium run will be anywhere from 45 to 1h and long run from 1h30 to 2h.

Any thought or advice about it ? I'm afraid to add some threshold work to be ready for the 10k because the bike training is hard and I don't want to burn before the season starting..

Thank you
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