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Re: NormaTec MVP Boot vs. Recovery Pump Boot [Joel0135] [ In reply to ]
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Published medical research for any medical device or equipment can be deceiving. Almost all device studies are initiated and sponsored by manufacturers that want to sell their equipment. Therefore most studies in this area are because someone is trying to sell their device. Sequential Compression Devices or (SCDs) have been around in the medical field for years to help with mobilization of venous blood that pools in the legs and less so lymphatic fluid. I am not sponsored by anyone but I do have a fair amount of experience with both SCDs and venous insufficiency. From a physiologic standpoint your body is designed so that veins and lymph drain back towards your heart. Any increased pressure should theoretically increase venous/lymph return. It is actually pretty unlikely that the method of compression would make that much of a difference.

I am not sponsored by anyone but I have been using NormaTec's for about 6 months now. I do find it helps reduce soreness and my legs feel ready for another long ride much faster so I'm a fan. Also NormaTec does maintain sequential pressure to some extent so it does "push" venous drainage back towards the heart.

If you are in the market either product is likely to help - just pick the one that is more cost effective for you (or that will sponsor you should you be lucky).
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