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New components or new road bike
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I've been riding a Lemond Buenos Aires (last year of Lemond carbon frames) for a couple of years. It has roughly 12-15K miles on the frame and components. I've been happy with the bike, however the components are getting pretty old and not shifting like they use to. The chain ring is pretty worn etc.

So I was starting to entertain getting a new bike and looking to spend in the 4-5K range. I started researching several bikes including the BMC Race Machine, but something caught my attention. My Lemond frame (55cm) weights 950g and the new BMC Race Machine weights 1000g. Other than some chips and typical scratches nothing is wrong with my frame. My frame is just a light as newer mid priced carbon frames.

So this go me thinking, maybe just changing out my components is a better way to go. My current components are a mix of 105 and ultegra, but I have a triple so getting new components would be a nice change and allow me to move to a compact.

I've been pricing out a mixture of SRAM Force and Red components which would run me $1300-$1600 depending on how many Force versus Red parts. My frame is definitely not as sexy as the newer frames on the market, but this would be a much cheaper option.

What do you think? Any opinions on Lemond frames? Is 12-15K on a carbon frame getting pretty old? I have both race wheels and a PT wheel, so wheels are not a factor.
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