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MXT now in the Books - Wanna talk about the Toughest Ironman?!?
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The first off-road Ironman distance event is now in the books. It was brutal! The winner's time: 15:01:39! Which honestly seems amazingly fast! Top woman: 17:32:00. There was a Half at the same time, and the winner's time was 9:48:46! Final finisher came in a 23:41:52, after nearly an eight hour run! Pacing was allowed on the run for the second lap, or after 10PM, whichever came first. I paced the final runner, and it was basically a matter of keeping him awake and moving forward. The course closed after 24 hours, and my guy really suffered and gutted in out the last four miles to make it in just 19 minutes before the end. I'm totally hammered...I also did the swim for a relay team, so I can only imagine how wasted our runner is today.

Temps on the bike approached 100 (~15 degrees above normal), fastest bike split 9:00:02, by Scott Schumaker of Boulder, CO.. All in all it was an amazing, and amazingly tough event. And, at least two of the finishers ran IM CdA, just 12 days ago!

MXTri.com Results listed on here: http://www.mxtri.com/splits.php
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