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Looking for back country XC ski recommendations
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I'm looking for recommendations for a set of what probably would be described as "back country light" cross country skis to be used in untracked as well as lightly tracked areas of the Adirondack mountains and Tug Hill plateau of NYS. I've been using a pair of ancient waxed Fisher Air Cores but while doing an off track ski with others to Chub Pond found that those with shorter waxless back country skis were having an easier time of it in the often deep snow and narrow trails with temperatures rising 20*+ over the course of the trek.

At the moment, Fischer Spider 62s and Crown 68s look appealing but I'm still looking for informed feedback on these and other options.At this point in the winter I'm hoping to find something on sale as well.

Thanks for any educated replies.


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Re: Looking for back country XC ski recommendations [sciguy] [ In reply to ]
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You might want to try asking over at http://www.telemarkeast.com/forums/ in the Gear Shop forum.

The skinniest metal edged skis I have are an older set of Waxless Atomic Raniers, 88/60/78, too wide for groomed tracks. I like them for touring and not too deep snow. They glide pretty well, I've gained some weight so the waxless pattern tends to drag a bit, but not horribly. I have 75 mm bindings on them and use the original Scarpa T3 plastic boot. Plenty of power for that ski.

I've heard many people gush over the Madshus Glittertind with a beefy NNN BC boot. They're 68 at the shovel, so they might be a little big for in track too.
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