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Knee click fix
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Hi folks.

I have noted some painless grinding in my knees (i can feel it). In the last 6 mths, duration and i tensity of my cycling has increased. Nothing crazy.

Anyway, i have started to note mild medial pain in my knee, with a general swelling feeling behind the kneecap during a ride, especially if i push big (for me) watts.

When i cycle with my foot roughly flat to the ground, there is a slight click in my kneecap that i can feel with each rotation, usually on the downstroke. Smaller circles of peddling type rotation cause the same issue. So i do not think it is due to excessive knee flexion (short saddle or long crank).

If i point my toe down and engage my calves more, the clicking is gone.

I presume a muscle imbalance, presumably my vastus Medialis. Thoughts? I plan to review with physio next month, i am seeing a podiatrist to cover some issues there, and i am looking into a pro bike fit. I am also asking question on forums... but you guys are a smart bunch, and i figure this is pretty bread and butter stuff.
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