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Is there an Age minimum for Half IM?
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I mainly race draft-legal sprint triathlons, but I have completed 2 Olympic ones in the past. I was thinking of challenging myself a bit more with a half (minus the run, cuz that's overkill for my knees/age).

1900 Meters is very short, and I'm hoping I can use that as a warmup. I can manage around 25-28 minutes, but would that be too fast and leave my tired for the bike?

The bike (90k right?) I'm hoping to manage around the 2:50-3:00 hours. I've done some rides around 100k, but they've all been with my team drafting, so that's what I'm a little worried about.

I'm not planning on doing the run because that's just... how do I put it, too hard =P

Half a marathon is too much for me, but I was hoping of doing the swim/bike in around 3:15-3:30, and I was wondering if I can do that in an orginzed Half IM, or do I have to do it on my own?
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you could also do it as a relay [ In reply to ]
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If you can find someone to do the run some Half IM's allow for relay teams. don't know about an age limit for a Half IM you'd have to check with the race director. I know Full iron distance races don't allow anyone under 18. good luck and have fun
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Re: Is there an Age minimum for Half IM? [freestyle] [ In reply to ]
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I think most race say 15 years old....

Tom Demerly
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Re: Is there an Age minimum for Half IM? [Tom Demerly] [ In reply to ]
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It depends where you are located.

In ontario (canada), the minimum age for most races over oly length is 19. In alberta, i think its 18 (age of majority in both provices).

Ask the race director if there is a minimum age, and then ask if it still applies to a relay team.


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