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Huaka replacements and wheel hub question
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Ok- double question here- both unrelated.
Huakas- Loved the first iteration, love the Origin reprints but cannot get them anymore. Anyone else find a suitable replacement that has the combo of plush and stiffness that shoe offers? I have the Bondi's- great for clunky slow runs. Run in Noosas and find them to be not quite as plush. Tried the old Machs and blah-not a good shoe. So anyone else find a something close?

Number 2- who does number 2 work for? No-actually rebuilding my first wheel- a Giant SLR-0 front wheel. Cannot find the special t head spokes for the original hub. Found a 16h powertap hub that uses j-style spokes. I have to believe no issues but for the wheel builders- do you foresee any issues switching the types of spokes. Note it is straight pull laced.

Thanks for any and all help

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