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Hed Vanquish Tubeless setup Feedback
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Have been offered a good deal on HED Vanquish wheelset 6/8.

Interested in getting feedback of experience with tubeless setup of Vanquish wheels. After a quick search here, noticed someone faced an issue with tubeless valve failure as HED wheels required a special rubber adapter grommet to be inserted into the valve hole prior to insertion of tubeless valves.

Appreciate info on your experience with these wheels.
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Re: Hed Vanquish Tubeless setup Feedback [pabloarc] [ In reply to ]
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I have a set of the newest HED Jet Plus wheels and running them with Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless.
I am not sure what type of tubeless valves I used at first, but the rubber was fairly narrow and after some time the rubber just started tearing and slipped through the whole completely on the rear wheel. Wasn't easy to get the valve out after that
This was the only issue I had with the wheels,
now I am running with caffelatex valves which have stronger and wider rubbers and had no problems since and love the wheels.
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