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Heart rate zones in Training Peaks v. Garmin
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Garmin has heart rate zones 1-5. Training Peaks has more zones, and I think are probably more accurate. Training peaks has:

Zone 1 - Recovery
Zone 2 - Aerobic
Zone 3 - Tempo
Zone 4 - Sub threshold
Zone 5A - Super threshold
Zone 5B - Aerobic Capcity
Zone 5C - Anaerobic Capacity

Can someone please educate me (or link to an article) on what these TP zones mean exactly? In a long training run, should I be in Zone 2 - Aerobic or Zone 3 - Tempo? Should I ever try and hold Zone 4 for a long training run? Garmin, which I think may be less accurate, has me in Zone 3 when at that same heart rate I would be in Zone 4 under Training Peaks. So, I am a little confused about a target heart rate for long runs. I could use some guidance on target rates for intervals and pace work also.

Generally when should I be in these zones for training? What about for racing?

I am asking mostly for running, not for the other two disciplines.

Thanks in advance to all responses.
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Re: Heart rate zones in Training Peaks v. Garmin [rustyb04] [ In reply to ]
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TrainingPeaks has at least 4 different HR methods to choose from, and each of those can have a dozen different sub-plans with between 5-7 zones. You need to do A LOT of research to figure out how YOU want to track your zones. Ask 3 coaches and you'll get 4 answers, so it's an interesting trip.

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