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Fun Week on the Bike or hell?
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So I'm signed up for SBT Grvl next year. 'A' race. 144ish miles. Should be fun. I'll go at race pace.

But after that I'm toying with the idea of doing a gravel bike tour of 341 miles and 27,534 ft of climbing over 5 days on the way back home. SBT GRVL is Sunday, bike tour starts on Wednesday. Logistically it all fits together as I could be dropped off at the start point of the bike tour driving home from Steamboat Springs. How hellish would the bike tour be?

Alternatively, I've thought about doing days 3-6 of Breck Epic. So SBT on Sunday and Breck Epic stages Wednesday through Friday. Edited: My only goal would be to finish respectively.

I want a fun week on the bike and both events happen to be right after SBT Grvl. I live in northern CO so no problems with altitude.

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