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Foot pods and bike computers and activity conversion, dumb question
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Probably a quick "no" here, but, worth a shot.........

I found some broken links to info about a Garmin run pod being used to report cadence for indoor cycling on a bike not equipped with power. If a foot pod WILL transmit cadence data already to a bike computer, what would happen when you convert the file after upload to Strava or Trainingpeaks if you used a bike computer for a run?

I have my HRM and power meter paired to my Wahoo Bolt for riding. I use the same Wahoo Bolt and HRM to run. After it has uploaded online, I just convert the activity and it gives me HRM data and relevant run/pace stuff.

What would it do with foot-pod cadence data? Before conversion it would look like a really slow bike ride with a high cadence. After conversion to run?
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