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First MTB endurance race - some questions
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I'll be doing my first MTB endurance race (6 hour) that consists of laps around a 7-8 mile course. I have general questions about the staging/pit area and was hoping someone might provide a little insight. Is this area like a transition area in a triathlon? Do I keep any/all extra supplies there (nutrition, parts?) and stop to refuel, adjust bike, etc., if needed? If so, how should I set it up (it's just me)? I'm inclined to just take tool, nutrition and fluids with me on the bike, and forget about setting up a pit area, and replenish fluids at the pit/aid station (if they have that available). If it makes any difference, I will be camping near the staging area. The race is 12 Hours in the Wild West (Ruidoso, NM) but I am doing the 6 hour short version. Thanks for any help.

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Re: First MTB endurance race - some questions [BradTTU] [ In reply to ]
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It would be great if you had there someone with you.. would help a lot. They could get stuff (food and drinks) ready for you to pick up.

I don't think there would be any aid stations available (provided by the organizers) as you would have all that in your pit area.

Bring lots of water, food... have your drinks pre-prepared, Tools, pump, etc...

if you can set up some sort of shelter in your pit (from the sun) or rain, it is always a plus. Also a camping chair makes things a lot more comfortable.

Check if you can camp on your pit area. That way you only need to set up once.
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Re: First MTB endurance race - some questions [BradTTU] [ In reply to ]
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It's quicker to stop at the pits for a few seconds than to carry around all your supplies on your back for hours.

Since it's a short loop, I would:
  • Keep minimal "get me back to base" supplies on you (tubeless plugs, CO2), and proper spares and tools at the pits. Spare wheels if you have, tubes, proper track pump, real chain-tool and spare chain, brake pads, tyres etc.
  • A line of bottles for a quick stop. Dump your old ones, put new ones in and go. Don't waste time refilling. If you can do two laps in two hours, consider stopping every other lap and carrying two bottles, if you have space on your frame or seatpost.
  • Same with food, refill pockets with gels etc when you replace bottles. It's extra-pro to have gels taped to the bottle.

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Re: First MTB endurance race - some questions [BradTTU] [ In reply to ]
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I've been looking at some of those races (zia). A buddy did that last season and enjoyed it - looks like it's on his calendar again. Have fun.

Great points from the other posts - especially a chair (or sit on the cooler). If you get to the point where you're thinking about dropping out, just take a break. Eat something maybe wipe & relube your chain, and re-focus then get back out there.

Only thing(s) i'd add would be
  • to have more bottles than you think you'll need - I like to have a couple w/ just water for dumping over my head or just as a change of pace after xx hours of "space food"
  • order them in some fashion (the stuff on the rights side in the red striped bottles is 300 cal/bottle, left in blue stripe is 200 cal... ..etc., water is in the back in the generic Excel/Performance bottles)
  • a bucket/tub for throwing stuff you don't need (empty bottles, arm warmers...)
  • Bring more stuff than you think you'll need (a spare set of wheels, seat - preferably mounted to a seatpost and marked at the proper height, rain gear) no DNF
  • Pro-biotics help me if I get a queasy stomach (as do carbo rocket rocketlytes)
  • Generally the "best" spots are reserved for the longer duration riders but that's typically shown on the map for the start/finish area

good luck and kick some ass.
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