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Factor Slick wind tunnel testing
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Factor slick in the wind tunnel

Hey guys and gals.
Have any of you had the chance to test, or seen test results for the factor slick time trial bike in the wind tunnel?
The twin downtube intrigues me, I had the chance to test ride one of these on a windy day and could actually hear wind whistle through the downtube, they seem like a well built bike with 51 speedshop bars, ceremicspeed bearings as standard but aero wise I’m a skeptic especially in gusty conditions.
Before possibly purchasing I was hoping to find out how they test, any help would be appreciated
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Re: Factor Slick wind tunnel testing [Ozyandy] [ In reply to ]
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I do not know anything about it being wind tunnel tested but it has been reviewed:





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Re: Factor Slick wind tunnel testing [hblake] [ In reply to ]
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The downtube does intrigue me also in terms of aero drag in windy conditions, I’m far from an aero guru, many on this forum love the aero side of things, any of the guys who have spent time testing either in a tunnel or “real world” testing care to hazard a guess at the aero properties of the frame? As in does the downtube shape make much difference or is it more the shape of the front forks, front wheels, bars etc that effect aero readings?
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