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Crampy foot it's gotta be the shoes ... right?
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I have been getting a rather annoying cramp in my right foot when I ride for over an hour. I'm riding Speedplay pedals and Sidi T1 shoes. After some thought, I'm under the impression that the Sidi tri shoes might not be the best choice for an every day pair of riding shoes, as the upper isn't really very supportive. Could this be the cause?


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Re: Crampy foot it's gotta be the shoes ... right? [3Sport] [ In reply to ]
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Are you sure that you have the cleat positioned correctly ?

I had a similar problem with my speedplay pedals - cramp along the outside of my foot after about an hour of cycling.

I moved the cleat back (very slightly) and no more discomfort.

May be worth trying - cheaper option than new shoes.

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