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Chula Vista Tri-scene
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Fellow San Diegans-

I am relocating to San Diego in September. I know that most of the tri action happens in North County. I'm hoping to move North, but may be forced to move to Chula Vista/Eastlake. What kind of triathlon action happens down south? Are there any group training activities that go on in that area? How are the LBS's in Chula Vista, any tri-specific? Thanks in advance for any info.

Dan Hollingsworth

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Re: Chula Vista Tri-scene [hollidan] [ In reply to ]
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www.kozenterprises.com hosts the Imperial Beach Du/Tri, there is the IB/Coronado Superfrog 1/2 Ironman in Sept: http://seal.navy.mil/seal/rev_superfrog.asp and, if you are into riding your bike fast, there are tons of fun time trial races at www.timetrial.org

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