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Cervélo P5 Configuration Thoughts
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Hello All,

I have searched and read about the P5 on ST.

Late to the party but I am finally getting a new Cervélo P5 ..... albeit a 2014 frame ….. and would like to read any of your thoughts or additions and deletions as to what you might do for the bike setup ….. since many P5’s are out there in the wild ….

Changing from a trusty Cervélo P3C that I have used for several years.

Nytro will add eTap, Quark, Q rings and the rest pretty standard …..

I am not planning to mount any shifting blips on the bike ….. but rather to attach wireless shifting devices to my body and hand or hands.

Not having tested a P5 in the wind tunnel I am using reported information for location of bottles, tools, and Bento Box.

I will be testing a post mount Dash saddle downstream and if it works OK will not use the View-Speed Stash to hold tools under the seat as on my P3C since the Stash uses seat rails to fasten.



1 “However, a standard round bottle mounted horizontally between the rider’s arms was a revelation! It filled in the turbulent area behind the rider’s hands and actually reduced the drag. So this set up was not only faster than the vertical bottle, but faster than no bottle at all!”

2 “The Cervélo P4 with its integrated P4 bottle is the only case where the water bottle does not add drag and slow you down seen below in Figure 6.

3 “One final nugget is that we found that a Bento Box behind the stem was a solution that had no drag penalty. However, this may depend on stem & spacer details and how many gels and bars you stuff into it.”

1 A horizontal bottle between the arms …. helps reduce drag …. Although I am wondering about how to accomplish this if my arms tip up 15 degrees or so ….. and does the combination still work or is it a choice ……. Of a horizontal bottle …… or of arms tipped up …….. but not both for best drag configuration?

2 While the P5 is not a P4 ….. I am thinking a tool box faired into the space above the bottom bracket similar to H & T Wurtele’s P5:

Modified Torhans Aero VR bottle …….


“H & T Wurtele
@joshlongney @TorHansAero Yeah, basically just line it up with the frame and cut as needed. I left an overlap over seattube to it stays put”

3 And I will add a Bento Box since it adds no drag penalty and would be a very convenient place for some gear or food …. especially on training rides.


It looks like P5 travel packing can be a bit time consuming with a lot of dismantling.

This is from an ST post ……………..

“Here's a packing briefing, taken from the Cervélo web site I think. Are you using a hard-shell case? Fork on is...going to be tough to do. The hydraulic brake lines and cable routing make it tough to get around completely disassembling the entire front end:

Travelling with a P5
� Remove the front brake from the fork. The removal of the front brake cover is not necessary.
� Loosen the stem pinch bolts with a 4mm Allen wrench
� Remove the high mount or the top cover if using the low mount of the 3T Aduro Aerobar.
� Remove the top cap and drop the fork out of the frame.
� Remove headset parts and place aside.
� Remove the beard from the fairing mount.
� Remove the rear derailleur, leaving the e-wire connected.
� Lay the bike frame & fork into the case.
� Put protective padding between the frame and the aerobar to prevent damage during transportation.
� Wrap protective padding around exposed parts of the frame, rear derailleur, crankset, and fork to prevent transportation damage.
� Place any loose parts (headset, bolts, etc) in a small bag. It is advisable to secure the small parts bag so it doesn’t move around and cause potential damage.
� Cover the frame and components with foam or other sufficient padding.
� Remove the skewers from the wheels and attach them to the spokes.
� Cover the frame and components with foam or other sufficient padding.
� Tighten down the straps and put the cover on the case.”

Are there quick disconnect hydraulic fittings that might speed the tear down and build up?

My bike will only have hydraulics …. no cables ….. so that might speed up the process …..

What do you think?


Cheers, Neal

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Re: Cervélo P5 Configuration Thoughts [nealhe] [ In reply to ]
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I thought the brake stays with the bars so no need to break the hydraulics, then bleed etc.

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Re: Cervélo P5 Configuration Thoughts [nealhe] [ In reply to ]
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Similar build. A non-bleed quick connect would be cool but another failure point for something that doesnt become an issue often. These look promising and appear to be small enough


BTW - like the skewers on my bike!
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Re: Cervélo P5 Configuration Thoughts [SharkFM] [ In reply to ]
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Hello SharkFM, jnags7, and All,

Thanks for the comments ...

SharkFM ...... Probably right ...... I don't have the bike yet (hopefully this week) so I am not sure about how to handle the hydraulic lines .... (more to learn).

jnags7 ...... Yes .... I like KISS (keep it simple stupid) and agree that the hydraulic quick release would add another complication for something that is not often an issue.

Pretty cool disconnect though if I am getting the drift there .... looks like connection halves have matching pistons to transfer force .... might be some other application for that. There must be a fairly high price point for those babies in titanium ..... probably beyond my pay grade.

Glad you like the skewers .... we just added a titanium thrust washer to inventory for those that want it ..... although I think it is seldom needed .... and may be another complication for something that is seldom an issue.

Interesting to note that we sell quite a bit more internationally than in the US and there are cyclists in every corner of this planet.

I have to thank ST (for occasional comments) and end users word of mouth since we do not advertise much (or any).


Cheers, Neal

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Re: Cervélo P5 Configuration Thoughts [nealhe] [ In reply to ]
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Traveling with the P5 is a real PITA...until I discovered the Scicon aerocomfort triathlon bag.

It was taking me about an hour to pack and repack the P5. With this bag it takes me about 10minutes to remove the wheels apply adding and strap everything up.
I highly recommend this bag, especially with the P5.

After about 30 flights the bearing in the wheels on the bottom of the bag wore out. Other than that I have had no issues.
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Re: Cervélo P5 Configuration Thoughts [Seth] [ In reply to ]
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I used the Pika Packworks. Prob takes me 15-20 minutes to pack now I've done it a few times. Agree that the scion case is going to be quicker and easier.

The good thing about the pika is that I tell people it is a massage table and often avoid bike fees.

I took some pictures of it one time when I was reassembling it: https://tiredlegsemptymind.wordpress.com/...acking-a-cervelo-p5/

= = = = = = =

On the hydration setup, I have a horizontal bottle between the arms. I've started putting the spare bottle right up against the saddle so it's almost touching my bum. I normally stick with round bottles which is why I took it off the frame. I used aero bottles for a while but prefer having 2 round bottles I can swap now (e.g. if it's a hot race I can drink 2 bottles between aid stations and replace both from aid stations easily).

Never tested for aerodynamics though.
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Re: Cervélo P5 Configuration Thoughts [Seth] [ In reply to ]
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From your experience, does this bag protect the aero bars? I have been considering going with this bag but am concerned about the aero bar being protected.
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Re: Cervélo P5 Configuration Thoughts [TriPJA] [ In reply to ]
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I have used the Scion tri bike bag for about 4 years now.

I have never had an issue with it protecting the aero bars, but I did have one of my seat stays cracked. The bag is largely a cover for your bike, it does not add much real protection (unlike something like a Biknd bag, let alone a hard shell case) - aside from part of the frame being protected by the wheels that go on the sides of the bag. Given that you don't want the hydraulic lines to be pinched during travel and therefore you cannot really disassemble the headset like you would with a bike with brake cables, the only solution I have found is to jerry rig a hard triangle to attach to the seat stays to protect them and chain stays from side impact during travel.

Another complaint about this bag is that the wheels are kind of crap and I had to replace a couple of them (thankfully they sell replacements) and all 4 of them pivot, which makes it much more difficult to roll the bag in the direction you want when going through an airport.
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