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Cannondale Topstone as N-1
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Anyone have experience with the Topstone as an N-1 bike? My wife has been riding more and more independent of tri, and is itching to get a new road bike (already has a well set up TT rig). As one does, she's started to get curious about trying out some mild off road, maybe a little CX racing, but has also been getting into some light group riding. She's not doing any Wednesday Morning Worlds type rides, but is pushing it for sure. She really doesn't have an interest in true road racing.

Anybody currently using the Topstone or a similar geometry bike for that kind of use? We've got enough wheels floating around to be able to swap the right tires on easily. She rode a bike with near similar frame geometry and said it felt fine, but it was just a roll around the block and the cockpit set up was horrendous so tough to compare.
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