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Bunnyman/Gerard Help!!
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  My P2k was on the backend of a friends car and was in a bit of an accident. I had a new pair of Carbones on the bike ready for a potential race this weekend. The rear wheel was caught on a telephone pole and torqued while pulling into a driveway. It's pretty much done. I had the frame looked at today and there's a 1/8-1/4in difference in the frame i.e. it has a slight sway to the right. The bike tech said not to worry it won't effect the performance of the bike, other than maybe an unusual wear pattern in the rear tire. There's no crinkling to indicate fractures on the welds and the shifting is good as is the rear derailer.

I'm doing IM Brazil in May. Should I be concerned? -Keith
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I'm in the same sentence as Gerard?!? [ In reply to ]
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First, I feel honoured that you put me in the same sentence as Gerard. He's a whole hell of a lot smarter than I.

Without seeing it, it sounds like you need to investigate crash replacement. I am unsure of any frame, whether it be steel or aluminum, if it is visibly out of whack. It could be a safety concern.

What may have happened is that the area has hardened under the stress of the alignment of the bike frame. This could be a very bad thing. I would not be caught dead on a bike that was visibly out of alignment, as I could die on it sooner or later. Get it replaced.
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I'm in the same sentence as bunnyman!! [ In reply to ]
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For obvious reasons, I can't do any long distance examination of frame damage. I would suggest you talk to our customer service about a crash replacement. If you can do without the bike for two weeks, you can send it to us for inspection. If we can fix it, great, if not, we can replace it under the crash replacement policy. For more info, e-mail Scott at info@cervelo.com.

Gerard Vroomen
OPEN cycle
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