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Boston marathon race report
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Since the other threads seem to be about the pro race, I figure a new thread might be in order.

Here's mine. It was my first Boston and all the more special since I ran it with my dad (also his first).

Started out with a 2:55 goal (3:00:16 pb), but with the headwinds I decided that wasn't in the cards. In the leadup I had set a few PBs I terms of volume though my last few weeks were exhausting.

After sprinting to the corrals since I had a razor thin drop off margin, I ended up in a slower corral than my assignment. Spent the first 10k more or less weaving through people. The hills started and I used then as an opportunity to burn time. At that point hubris took over and I decided to aim for my original goal. Crossed the halfway point in 1:27.

At around 25k I got the sinking feeling that perhaps I had burned through a bit quickly, and by heartbreak hill the wheels started to come off. The quads hurt and I was running out of energy reserves. At that point it was a battle to stop bleeding time, though with each stop I got colder and colder. As long I was running i was fine, but less so with every pause.

3:08 finish per Mr. Garmin. Despite the weather it was absolutely a treat to run this race. The crowds were amazing even in a torrential downpour. At Boylston street, I took a minute to savour my accomplishment - it may be cold and rainy, but I've earned this moment.

Once I finished the cold took over. Between walking over to family meet up zone and waiting for my pickup (there was a toddler related delay) I began shivering. I don't think I've ever been that cold. Strangers offered me hot chocolate, a spot under the umbrella, and trail mix. I didn't get warm until I got home and had a warm bath. Then pizza and beer. Spencer - Monk's reserve as a prize.

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Congrats, Tim! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the recovery.
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