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Best top mounting bottle
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Hi, I have ridden with the torpedo versa top mounting aero bottle for a year now and I'm very disappointed in it. The bottle comes out of the cage when going on anything other than perfectly smooth road, the top doesn't close tightly and so there's loads of splashes, and when the bottle does fall out of the cage, that's it.......all your nutrition gone...spilled it all over the road! Arghhh!
And so, I wonder great hive mind...what is the best aero top mounting bottle...one that preferably stays still, is refillable yet doesn't spill and splash?
Kind regards
Steve x
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Re: Best top mounting bottle [Boomwhacker1] [ In reply to ]
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Hi Steve,

Definitely shouldn't be working that way. As you have a couple of items going on with the Versa - would you be willing to speak with our engineer? His name is Trent and his email is trent@xlab-usa.com.

Right away here are my thoughts:
Bottle coming out of the cage - thinking a spacer is missing underneath the rear bottle cage screw. Reason being, the bottle should lock in place so that in order to get it out you have to twist and pull. If it is just slipping out, it is not catching.
Lid not closing tightly - this is a 1st for me. Could be an issue with the lid or the bottle here. Would need an image to figure out what is happening there.

Hopefully you give us the opportunity to make things better for you!

Candice Turner
XLAB - Aerodynamic Accessories
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