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All-Wings Falcon Saddle....anybody have any experience or more info?
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Saw this saddle review/report from BikeRumor on my google feed the other day and caught my interest. Would like some more information on real world use from actual users if possible.

Here is the article I was suggested: https://bikerumor.com/...n-to-the-next-level/

Here is the manufacturer site: http://www.all-wings.com.tw/index_E.aspx

My current saddles I'm using are okay but not that great I could ride forever on them and not have saddle soreness (ISM PN3.1 for the Tri and Adamo Prologue for the road). Maybe it is a bit of position for me but at least for my Tri bike which lives on the trainer most of the time (on a rocker plate even) I've been tweaking it a bit this winter...found so far a decently comfortable position compared to what I've previously dealt with on other saddles. But I still struggle to be able to do trainer rides of 1.5 hours or more without discomfort. In fact I've shied away from anything longer than that because of it (and admittedly volume not ramped up enough to consistently do those length sessions this winter...working on it).
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Re: All-Wings Falcon Saddle....anybody have any experience or more info? [loxx0050] [ In reply to ]
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Try and find a Specialized dealer or a good fitter who can do a seat mapping for you. That will help you more than swapping seats.

A solid bike fit is always the first step

Steven Harad
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