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"better" tire for front or back? Pro3 / Conti4000s content
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Kind of a goofy hypothetical question that might net me 2 seconds and .0001% comfort over a 140.6, but thought I would ask, because, well this is slowtwitch.

I have a FLO 60 front and HED jet clincher disc. (FLO disc wouldn't fit my bike) Going to use them for IMWI. I have several new Michelin Pro3 tires and one new Conti GP4000s. Latex tubes. I didn't think much of it and put the Conti on the HED disc and the pro3 is on the FLO front. I did a group ride to test the tires out. One of the guys kind of wrinkled his nose and said "why the HED disc in the back and FLO in front? Why didn't I just stick with one brand?" He also saw the mixed tires and said if I was going to use different tires front and back, at least put the Conti on the front where it will give the most aero advantage. He also said the pro3's are noted to be more supple and I should put it on the back where it would be the most beneficial. I thanked him for saving my race. Now I know that the Conti tires are good and FLO and several other manufacturers tend to favor this for their wind tunnel testing, but - really? Does it make that much of a difference? Seems like a lot of cork sniffing going on here but what do I know.
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Re: "better" tire for front or back? Pro3 / Conti4000s content [nickwisconsin] [ In reply to ]
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You can get an idea of the likely aero difference from Flo's testing, assuming your Pro3 is similarly shaped to the Pro4:

The 4000S has better CRR and aero.
Yes running it up front would probably save you a few seconds.

Mixing wheel brands is no problem at all!

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