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"Middle" Position Cervelo Aero Seatpost? (To Cure Adamo Prongs Getting All Twisted Up)
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So I am finally coming to peace with the fact that until something much better comes along, I will be riding an Adamo saddle on my road bikes. Problem is, with my S5 and its side clamping seatpost design, my Adamo gets "tweaked" when I ride hard sliding up on the prongs, eg when doing hard paceline efforts at >50kph. I can basically tell how hard I rode by how much the prongs are contorted in my seatpost. Sure, I can loosen up the clamp a bit and the prongs snap back into place, but it's annoying that I need to do this after all of my hard rides. I'm also worried that all that torquing and re-torquing of the clamp bolts is going to lead to premature failure (and if it happens, I hope it is while I am torquing the bolt with an allen wrench and not while riding).

I'm not a mechanical engineer, but I think my issue may be exacerbated by the fact that in order to get the right position for me on the S5, I use the rearward mounting hole of the aero post, but then have to slide the Adamo forward almost all the way until I barely have any rail left behind the clamp. So when I am perched on the front of the saddle during hard efforts, I have created a lot of lever force with all of that unsupported rail. Sorta like being on the very end of a diving board.

So my question is, has anyone seen a single position post for the P3C, S5, etc.? The balancing point of my Adamo is practically dead-center between the two clamp holes in the seatpost, if there was a compatible seatpost that had just one hole in the middle there, my issue might well be solved?

Does such a thing exist?

Race Director, Velo Club La Grange (http://www.lagrange.org)
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