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Re: "Marginal Traffic Gains?" [windschatten] [ In reply to ]
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The general public is wrong in so many reasons about cycling and it's actual impact on traffic/taxes/registrations/etc.

But they aren't wrong that quite a few cyclists give "cycling" a bad name.......Of course, I've done it too, but I absolutely try to make sure there are no eyes on me at all. But the ones who do it blatantly in traffic are unbelievable.

Carson Christen
Sport Scientist , Coach
Torden Multisport
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Re: "Marginal Traffic Gains?" [cchristen] [ In reply to ]
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Yeah, I only do it early mornings out-of-town when the junction is deserted and nobody around, and I pretty much come to a stop in the process. It's much the same as never using a pedestrian crossing when there's a 'red man' and there are kids about, even when the road is clear.

28 years and counting
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