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"Latest tools available"- WTC? Confused.
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So i am still confused over the decision of WTC to remove swimskins unless they have attributes that are neither defined or measured but we kind of guess we know what they are (After September 1st). And i am still confused at the comment from Jimmy of WTC when he made this comment re removing an item that aids human performance, "it is about the athlete"

So this quote really puzzled me re the new drink from ironman and powerbar:

President and CEO of Ironman, Ben Fertic commented, “Ironman is the pinnacle of endurance sports and we believe in having the latest tools available for our athletes. As Ironman celebrates its 32nd anniversary, we are excited to offer the world’s top athletes a new product that is designed to enhance their training and race day experience.”

Latest tools?

Oh well, keeps life fun i guess.
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