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Women Performers research study - Phoenix, AZ
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Hi ladies - our team at the EXOS Human Performance Lab is running a study just for you. There are still a few spots open but act fast, registration ends October 10.

Thanks for reading!
We are looking for 15 women to experience cycle-based personalization for their training, fueling, supplementation, sleep and more! Participants receive programmatic benefits such as DEXA scans, an Oura ring, a personalized fueling plan and cycle-based supplementation, coach-led training (3x/week) at Exos HQ and more!

You can apply here:
Exos Research Women Performers Study (qualtrics.com)

You can learn more about all our work at EXOS HPL here:
Research (teamexos.com)

Cyclist turned multisport enthusiast. Human performance technologist and digital health expert in my day job.
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Re: Women Performers research study - Phoenix, AZ [KarlEtzel] [ In reply to ]
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I wish I were in Phoenix!

maybe she's born with it, maybe it's chlorine
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