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Women's Travel Accessories - Cheap Things To Do In Cancun - Perfect Travel Companion in a Book
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The book "Cheap things to do in Cancun" is co-written by a Mexican native and an American. They call themselves Juan and John Doe because the secrets that they reveal would have them banned from Cancun!

This book is not really a hindrance to the lightweight luggage I want to bring, and may even be placed inside my carry on luggage.

I went to Cancun about 20 years ago. I remember getting off the plane and being asked for $20 dollars per person just to get to our hotel. That was $80 that we felt hostage to pay.

How else were we going to start our vacation? According to this book the price has gone up to $45-60 per person. So today it would cost us $180 - just to get to the hotel! But the Juan/John guide to cheap things to do in Cancun tells you how to get to your hotel without wasting all of that money.

I remember that by the middle of that first trip we foreigners started joking that everything costs $20. “Special deal for you lady” were the words that I heard continuously from vendors. It didn’t take much to realize there was no reason for them to give me a “special deal.”

I knew the price must have been way to high, but I didn’t know how to get around the prices. I wish I had a guide like this back then. But since I am planning another trip soon, I am glad that I read this book. I can visualize using the tricks found in this book to get better prices for everything.

Likewise this book can save you money moving around, from your hotel to restaurants and shops around town. It will also tell you the best place to buy souvenirs; tricks on how to save on meals that will satisfy even the hungriest tourists.

When you are in Cancun you will be bombarded with advertisements about what to do and how local businesses can take your money. Good planning before you get there will help you save on tours, and at night clubs.

If you are planning a trip to Cancun, this e-book can save you hundreds of dollars. A couple of the tips found within these pages can save you money on any trip you take.
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