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Weekly How'd You Do Thread 3/30
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Last week:
Ride the bike. Ride the bike. Ride the bike. (did OK; great workouts Sat/Sun)
Nutrition--keep it tight. (did pretty good)
Drink more water. (need to improve)

This week:
Follow the plan that the new cycling coach has sent me.
Plus, the same as above.
First track racing of the year is Saturday and Sunday. Goal will be to try out new gears and see how it goes.


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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 3/30 [trackie clm] [ In reply to ]
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Last week:

run 6 times - yes - 72+ miles, with a 20 mi race that I did well in (2:33) though didn't run under 2:30 like I wanted to.

ride every day - nope - one day we had pretty much hurricane weather, a couple other days I was just lazy. Rode 4x, 4+ hours.

swim Tuesday-Saturday: nope. Swam T,W,Th. 12k I think.

finish thesis powerpoint - nope. But I STARTED it today!!! LOL.

do better with eating - I did ok for half the days. This week's goal is LESS SUGAR.

Training goals: swim Tuesday-Friday, bonus points if I get a weekend swim in. Ride 5 x, one 2:30+. Run is ??? based on how my legs feel, race recovery. But Friday is my birthday and I need to come up with some fun birthday workouts!

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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 3/30 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Congrats on a great race. 2:33 is super fast for a 20 miler!

Last week's goals:
1) get diet back on track!! -- bad. I sort of just stopped eating. And then when I did it was not healthy. I need to refocus.
2) enjoy the start of my taper for the 50 milers. Only a 15 mile long run this week (it is sick that I consider 15 miles short).
-- Guess taper is working cause my run felt terrible. My knee hurt, my ankle hurt, my back hurt, my quads hurt. It sucked. One in my group declared she was going to be the Debbie Downer of the run but by the end almost handed over her title to me.

This week's goal:
1) Nutrition nutrition nutrition. Not eating all day so you can have cake is not an acceptable method to achieve calories in = calories out.
2) Get out of my funk. Not sure what is wrong but I don't feel all that great. I may be getting a cold, I may just be depressed but no matter what the reason, I just feel bad. And it sucks. I need to find a way to cheer myself up.
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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 3/30 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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After a winter filled with lots of time being sick, I feel like I can rejoin this thread.

Last week's goals: hit goal run mileage, run 4x with one 10mi run. Results: Ran 3x because I was dead tired one day and skipped running, but had a killer 10 mi run (I felt really strong) in the cold rain.
Get out on the bike. Managed 2x. On the "long" ride, dropped the husband a couple of times, but he was beat from the previous day's ride and bonked. However, he still said I rode really strong.
6k yds in the pool for the week. Results: done.

Eat more veggies. Results: rediscovered the frozen veggies I forgot about in the freezer and enjoyed them.
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