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Weekly How'd You Do Thread 12/29/08
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My only goal for the week was to foam roll every day, which I did, on the days I was home and had access to a foam roller. I also am back on track with eating enough and using some healthier coping skills :-) so a good week.

Training totals:
s - 15,000 scy (4x)
b - 3:40 (2x)
r - 50 mi (6x)
Also, 30 min xc skiing.

One day off (Christmas) due to travel.

Goals for this week: am training in Arizona, so just keep learning as much as I can :-)

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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 12/29/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Last week: Do something at least 6 of 7 days. Heading to Kansas tomorrow, so we'll have to play it by ear.

I missed Monday due to oversleeping and working late and packing, then Tuesday to traveling all day. Did something all the rest of the days.

This week: Train daily.
Lift weights 2x
Get back on the bike when I get back to SF! Beginning tomorrow, ride daily.
Keep up the 30 minutes daily running.
Tighten up on nutrition.


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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 12/29/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Goals for last week:
1) Strong run at the HUFF 50K (Huntington Ultra Frigid Fifty)- The HUFF should have been called the HUMF- The Huntington Ultra Muddy Fifty. The entire course was at least ankle deep mud. Well except for the 5 mid-calf to knee deep water crossings and the short portion on the road with 40 mph headwinds. The "terrible" (but oh so fun) course conditions made me miss my goal time by about 20 minutes but I had tons of fun. I love trail running.
2) Two strenght sessions -- None
3) two stretching sessions.-- Did 1

I pretty much was unfocused and lazy all week. I need to get back on track. And now I have a cold.

Goals for this week:
1) Two strenght sessions
2) Three stretching sessions.
3) Complete all workouts given by coach

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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 12/29/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Last Weeks Goals: a pretty good week and a major goal accomplished.
  • Get in 7 hours of training which will have me meeting my big yearly goal of averaging 7 hours/week of training.....done!....got in 8:17 and this put me over the top of my annual training hours goal...that is 24 years of training 7 hours/week...I'm very proud of that consistency

  • Get in 3 nordic ski workouts....got in six!...put some good time on snow....

  • Get in one interval workout in skiing and 1 long ski over 2:25...did the interval workout but missed on the long ski...I did get in one of 2:02 and two at 1:30...

  • Get weight to 173 or at least stay even at 174...was 174 all week but managed not to go up over christmas...

Goals for next week.
  • Get weight to 173 by weeks end.
  • Get in 7 hours of training
  • Get in one long nordic ski of >2:25
  • Get in one speed session on nordic skis.

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