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Weekly How'd You Do Thread 11/24/08
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happy morning! now that I've got this on the right place, I started it on the main forum accidentally.

How did everyone's week go?

Mine was good - goals were
1. Work on thesis every day (NO... just did a couple little things)
2. Keep eating enough (CHECK)
3. Get a 1 hr 45 min long run in (CHECK - 14.35 mi in 1:48)
4. Ride 4x, one long (lets say 2:45, I did 2:40 last week) FOUR RIDES YES but long was only 90 min
5. Keep working on those 400 IMs :D YUP
6. DO THE SHOULDER BABY WEIGHTS TWICE. I've been such a slacker with this. (DID ONCE)

s: 30,000 scy (5x)
bike: 4.5 hrs (4x)
run: 48 mi (7x)

For this week:
1. Research and rough-draft the intro to my thesis
2. 5 cycling hours in at least 4 rides
3. 6 runs, one long of 1:53-1:55
4. Keep being good and eating enough :P

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 11/24/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Excellent week for me.

2x group power (weights)
Bunch of short, aerobic runs, including several doubles, which makes my dog SO happy.
2x swim, and I finally, finally hit 1:30/100. Still slow by swimmers' standards, but this is a miracle for me.
2x 2-hour spin sessions, with lots of crazy sets mixed in. Good stuff.

And I fasted, so for two days I did not work out. I did a 48 hour fast. In retrospect, this was silly, 24 hours would have been sufficient. I feel great now. My diet is totally clean -- I lost my taste for chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Hooray! I'm eating plenty of calories now, but they coming from whole foods. I wasn't overeating before, but I was eating a lot of empty calories -- 100 cal snack pack type garbage. I don't think my metabolism is too screwed up from it, but fasting is not something I would do often.

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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 11/24/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Last week: Ride the bike every day.

That's what I did. I've ridden two weeks straight.

This week: Ride the bike, ride the bike, ride the bike. Lift twice. Race cross on the weekend. Maybe both days.


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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 11/24/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Last week:

forgot to mention last week:
  • Living History Farms 7 mile extreme cross country trail run (included 8 stream crossing and ropes for steep muddy banks. Many people run in costume. Goal was to have fun and get a good workout....done...My wife and I had a good time and ran in some hideous neon hot pink and purple ski suits from the late 80's early 90's...To many people (7500 participants)...

  • Ran Advanced Orienteering course at Lake Elmo. Goal was to run it in 1:21:00...We had a great run and finished in 1:08:05, My best Orienteering race of my life. Fast running and solid Navigation allowed us to beat our goal significantly. Accomplished a major Year goal at this event.

  • get in 7 hours of training....nope...only 5:13 but lots of intensity...

  • 2 power band workouts....done...

  • keep weight to 173, 3 mornings this week...nope, more like 174 with 2 days at 175...

Next Week:
  1. train 7 hours
  2. get weight back to 173
  3. 2 powerband workouts
  4. Have a successful move to our new place near Cedar Lake.

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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 11/24/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Last week is a blur since I was just back from one trip and had to leave for another. I was so behind that I was literally running around my house packing my bags. Ugh! Now that I'm back, I'm hoping to get back to a more sane existence. Only did 1 workout last week, but I spent a lot of time catching up with family, so that was good.

This week:
- five P90X workouts
- at least two runs
- fill out my food journal
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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 11/24/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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WOW TC you swam 30,000 yds? to me that sounds like a million or something...
Anyway, I had a really good week, I am very happy, starting to get some good workouts in again!

Planned on doing 2-3 of everything --
4 runs, I am up to an hour and 10 min nonstop since August when it was 1 min run 1 min walk
2 bikes, one was trainer one was outside
3 swims (was supposed to be 1-2 masters, 1-2 solo, didn't make it to masters)

oh NO strength oops!
but I have arranged to do an accountability thing with a friend, she wants to just workout to some DVD things she has 2x a week and I want to do strength workout 2x week so we are going to call each other weekly - have done this kind of thing before - it works!

Training is still not too structured but for now it's totally the right thing to do.

This week
2-3 swims including one masters
3 runs including a turkey trot thing
2 bikes
2 strength sessions

For rest of Nov/Dec I am starting an every other day run plan and 2x week masters swim. Also one hard effort trainer ride weekly.

OH and I LOST a pound. Not much but since I gained all I lost in Sept/Oct that's a good thing.
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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 11/24/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Last week was OK ...not wonderful, not bad.

I made my workout goals up until the weekend. I attempted not one but two new foods, one saturday, one sunday. I have come to the conclusion that anything I did not season myself will have to be off-limits from now on :-( I had a Morningstar veggie burger for lunch on Saturday and it knocked me out of commission until the next morning; I had the 'ready in 90 seconds' wild rice on Sunday evening and was still sort of tasting it during my swim this morning. I'm off experimental food for a while ...ugh. Also my weight was down a little this morning, but I think that has more to do with the trip I took my tummy on than anything.

Enough whining ...positive goal time!!!

I did some damage to my tummy this weekend, and I'm feeling pretty drained. Also, it is a holiday week and the family is coming to town, so I think shooting for one good workout a day is a very reasonable goal.

Another goal is to not make myself sick on Turkey Day!!! I am doing a significant amount of the cooking and am trying to make everything yummy but me-friendly. Then I don't have to watch people enjoy things I cannot eat.

That brings me to goal number three ...I was doing Thanksgiving shopping tonight at Wal-Mart (ugh!!!) and decided it would be fun to buy an entire turkey and figure out how to cook it. Sooo my goal is to make an edible turkey on my first time out :-) I'm not looking for a picture perfect awesomely amazing turkey, just one that not only my dogs will eat. Wish me luck!!!
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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 11/24/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Goals for last week:
1) Stretch, Stretch, Stretch -- I guess I could say I stretched. I only made one of the three sessions I wanted to get done. I also decided to sleep in instead of hitting yoga class.
2) Have a blast at the ride-n-tie-- Done. We had a great race. I always forget how hard this race is. I was on a level 8-10 for the entire thing. I prefer to always race/train at a level 5 so being redlined is really really hard mentally for me. My team's plan was to switch often as my partner had a running injury. We set out with a goal of biking for 2 minutes and then running till we found the bike again. However, early in the race, my partner was not able to get in front on me on the bike in the 2 minute interval. So we switched the plan so she road 1-1:30 after passing me before dropping the bike. I still only road for 2 minutes. This required me to cover more of the course on foot but I was ok with that. I am sure we didn't win any awards but it was a good time.

Goals for this week:
Stretch, Stretch, Stretch
2) Have a good TT in my Turkey Trot. My coach needs some updated run data for me so I am running two races at a local turkey trot. A 2 mile race as a warmup and then the 4 mile race as an all out TT. My goal is to redline the entire 4 miles and get through the point where my brain says to walk cause it hurts too much without having to slow down.
3) Keep eating somewhat in check.

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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 11/24/08 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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The ride and tie sounds like a good time...where was the event?
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Re: Weekly How'd You Do Thread 11/24/08 [Steve-oH!] [ In reply to ]
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It was in Busse Woods Forest Preserve in Elk Grove Village (about 15-20 miles west of downtown Chicago). The course in mainly on a paved asphalt path but they require mtn bikes as the path could be icy and snowy with the race being in mid-Nov. Sadly it was dry this year. You should add a race like this to the series you RD for. It is such a blast and so many different type of team participate. My favorite always are teams made up of parents and young childern. There is nothing like the laugh you get when you see an adult riding a 12-16" wheel bike with training wheels.
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