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Weekly How'd You Do April 20
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Last week:
* Follow training plan. DONE
* Race on the velodrome on Wednesday night. DONE-NICE TO GET THE FIRST RACE OF THE WEDNESDAY SERIES IN.
* Monitor nutrition. Write everything down. PRETTY GOOD

This week:
* Follow training plan.
* Race on the velodrome on Tuesday and Wednesday night.
* Monitor nutrition. Write everything down.
* Increase daily water intake.


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Re: Weekly How'd You Do April 20 [trackie clm] [ In reply to ]
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Goal was 5 rides, 5 runs, 5 swims. I only swam twice, but got the other two in.

Swim: 9k (2x)
Bike: 10 hrs (6x)
Run: 80 mi (7x)

Had 2 fast run workouts in that, too.

This week - 3 hr ride. Run workout and a long run. 6 runs/6 rides... 4 swims. Trying to find motivation to get in the pool today so I could get 5 swims in for the week (I already rode an hour and ran 91 minutes though and am tired! class then a nap then ?)

I have some nutrition goals too but am going to leave it, for now at least, as a general "continue to work on nutrition" and might post more later.

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Re: Weekly How'd You Do April 20 [trackie clm] [ In reply to ]
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last week: 10k run race, and since I haven't had that great a year training I was hoping for anything between 50 and 55min. Managed 48:35! BOOYEAH! ;-)

this week: 3x swims with masters (~9000m); 2 rides on the road + 1 on the trainer (with powermeter/intervals); 2 easy runs to recover.


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Re: Weekly How'd You Do April 20 [trackie clm] [ In reply to ]
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Goals for last week
1) Recover -- Did a good job at this. Had light workouts and took it easy.
2) Mentally prepare to begin a bike focused couple of weeks -- Did some single track mountain biking this weekend and was ecstatic to be back on the bike. Now I just need to take that enthusiasm and transfer it to the road/tri bike.
3) Survive this weekends 5k. I am the race director so it should be a busy weekend!-- Things went well. We had over 1200 races and fantastic men and women races. Our elites were amazing and the men's race was amazing to see unfold. I only got the verbal updates so I can't wait to see the video. A few minor glitches but overall things went better than I could have hoped.

Goals for this week:
1) Bike, bike, bike. I'll be in Galena training with friends so as long as the weather holds, this should be easy!
2) Start running again.
3) Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

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Re: Weekly How'd You Do April 20 [trackie clm] [ In reply to ]
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The goal was: I'd like to do well this weekend in the race. I want to try to sleep and survive the chaotic travel and I want to get my diet back in control and drink water and STOP drinking so much caffeine.
The result was: Did ok, 4th in AG. Pleased with time/effort. Dropped a minute on the run, held everything else par with a bit more wind than last year. The swim was jacked - shortened due to high surf and wicked rips - and the buoys were moving at the speed of light. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only women that went around both buoys. That annoys the crap out of me but I understand given the caliber of the race and the surf. Felt decent on the run which was my main goal. Let up about halfway through - which annoys me but whatever. Got back late last night, diet has been ALL out of whack and I basically need to stop eating altogether. Caffeine/soda has also been high, so I just basically need to get home and get back into my own routine.

This week: Said routine, as good as possible, considering the chaos will continue for another 3 weeks. Be conscious of eating/drinking/soda.

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