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Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 9/1/08
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So, how was your week last week with respect to your goals? Tell us the good and the bad.

  • Didn't have a great week time-wise, but I put in some solid workouts. Got in 4 good runs (one short, two 1:10 and one 1:30), plus one really hard 2 hour bike ride.
  • Thanks to Murphy's Law, I did my bike ride all in my big chain ring. He suggested I ride one gear higher than usual in order to get ready for AmZof. Well, I just figured it would be easier to just stay in my big chain ring. It was really tough. I usually ride really conservatively, so pushing a much bigger gear than usual, plus a strong headwind, left me pretty toasted by the end. I'm going to have to do more of that in order to get ready for the hills of AmZof.
  • Kept my weight around the same. Not losing as much as I would like, but also not gaining.

Next week:
  • Four runs (two 1:10, one 1:45, one brick run)
  • Three rides (two 2:00, one 3:30)
  • One yoga session (gotta get looser or my hamstrings are going to snap!)
  • Down 1 lb

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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 9/1/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Last week:
Run twice. Done.
Race Tue/Wed at track. Done.
Follow the taper plan that Kenny gave me. Done.
Strict on the nutrition! Write everything down. Didn't write everything down, but was much more aware and ate much better.

This week:

Tomorrow begins track Masters Nationals, so all goals are about that.
* PR efforts in the 200m, 500m and 2K
* match sprints-- (1) be aware and pay attention, (2) have a plan for each sprint
* team sprint--ride 2 laps as hard as possible. No holding back.
* Have fun!


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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 9/1/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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My goals last week were to ride once and swim once, barring no knee or shoulder pain. And figure out what's up with my IT bands. And keep up the good work with not restricting/purging.

Ride - no - got on the bike, knee hurt, got off after 30 seconds. Points for trying.

Swim - never got the opportunity, all the pools around here are closed, wasn't at a lake at all. Not a big deal.

Run - 44.3 mi (5 runs). Got a foam roller and have been stretching IT bands. Then had a shoelace too tightly and wound up with an inflamed tendon on my right foot... so no running from Thursday on. Waiting for it to settle, may need a cortisone shot.

Eating - rough week. Very stressful start to it, grandfather is dying and went into a coma... I was so upset and grief stricken that I just could not eat... I am not sure if that's an eating disorder reaction to stress or what could be considered normal, under the circumstances. I wasn't purposely starving myself I was just too upset to eat, like knowing if I eat something I will just throw up because I'm upset. So I lost 4.5 lbs last week - the good news is if you lose weight that quickly and get under what I'm supposed to be at, my body will kick in and try to gain it back, so I spent the second half of the week ravenously hungry, and let myself eat and make up for it. So we're back on doing okay and I'm still considering it day 23 of being relatively symptom-free. Recovery is a long process, it's not always perfect, I've been working hard and my calendar is covered with stickers to show for it!

This week:
-foam roll + stretch 2x a day
-abs every other day
-4 sessions of each swim bike run (goal is DON'T GET HURT so I can actually make this goal. Duration doesn't matter: getting the 4 of each session in DOES)
-keep up with not restricting and or purging.

The biggest challenge this week is moving to school, having to settle into a new routine and people there, classes... read: stress.

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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 9/1/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Goals for last week:
1) Stretch and foam roll at least three times this week.-- Only stretched/foam rolled once. Taper was so much fun that I didn't want to do anything.
2) Start gathering items for Transition Bags and Special Needs -- Mostly done. still have a few things in the laundry and need to purchase sun screen.
3) Don't freak out too much with IMWI only being less than two weeks away!-- Did pretty good on this front. Got a couple of comments on how calm I was and how logically I was approaching the race.

Goals for this week--

Only 1 -- FINISH IMWI!!!!

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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 9/1/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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  • keep weight under 173 more days than not....weigh daily....

A....was around 171 all week....lots of training, limited portions of food...
  • get in 8.5 hours of training in....I am flying solo this weekend so I have an opportunity to get in more training...

got in 10:16....nice....
  • Decide on putting on Adventure Run event or not this Fall...

A?...Decided to put them on....already have courses designed...
  • Scout location for future Adventure Race...

A...found a great area and explored it well...all off trail....
  • Do nice thing for wife...

C.....could have done more...

Goals for this week:
  • Get in over 9 hours this week....last big week before my surgery and some forced time off.....
  • weigh daily keep weight under 172...3 days out of 7
  • Get permit issues done for Adventure Runs
  • Do nice thing for wife

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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 9/1/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Non-existent week for me, training wise. Gave myself a lovely set of shin-splints (I think my shoes need changing) - so no running for me. Traveling this weekend also didn't help. Planning to get back on the bike this week and do a few easy runs to see how things are feeling (once I replace the shoes, of course.) I've definitely got to get stricter with the nutrition again, as this weekend was a total free-for-all. Got healthy dinners planned out, so that I'll have leftovers for lunch.

Signing up for IMC '09 this week (eek!) - so I need to harness that fear and get my act together!


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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 9/1/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Better late than never... :-)

Last week's goals:
This week -- 2 walk/jogs, maybe maybe attempt a little running if knee doesn't hurt. 2-3 bikes (already did one today!). 3 swims. Core/stretch at least once.

What I actually did:
2 walk/jogs, the jogging was more of a trot, but at least I was moving faster. Knee did NOT hurt. YIPPEE. I even did a tiny bit of actual "running" which felt okay too but I am not pushing it.
3 bikes, including one down a big downhilly road and then some big uphills (for me, right now) on my tribike - that is newer for me and it felt great although a lot harder than I thought... not sure if that's the bike or my possibly-diminished bikefitness...
2 swims as the 3rd (lake swim) got moved till Monday of this week. The swims were in an unheated outdoor pool in the Catskills - good cold weather training.
2 stretches, one core, 2 foam rolls.

SO I feel pretty good that I met my goals, although there is much less actual training time than when I was training for 1/2 Iron! I am focusing on the positive rather than negative. Need to state that to remind self of that.

This week
3 walk/jogs, increase lengths of jogging segments
2 bikes, at least an hour each
3 swims, one in a lake (already did that Monday!)
at least 2 stretch/core/foam roll

HOPEFULLY a sprint tri over the weekend. If I can get in.

As often, this got longer than expected. I really like doing this, it helps with motivation/accountability, hope we can keep it going!


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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 9/1/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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I missed this due to labor day ... and now it's Friday already!

Last week... thinking back ... I did do the four loops around the 5-mile trail. I did a 75 mile ride on my own. Then I rode to masters practice twice (we had an extra practice on Labor Day). So that is 12 HILLY miles, a 3000 meter practice, then 12 HILLY miles, two days in a row. Plus other stuff -- 15+ hours overall. And so far I am liking it.

Minus the 1/2 gallon of mint choc chip that disappeared during the week last week when I am the only person in the house that likes that flavor, my diet was pretty good.

BAD NEWS. Aunt Flow showed up last week. IMFL is Nov 1. I am not on the pill and cannot "manipulate things". So I think I am screwed. Shark infested swim? F-ing great. Good news is I will be hating men on my heavy flow day, so I will be motivated to race harder -- damn men without periods and pain of childbirth!!!! ;)
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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 9/1/08 [squesen] [ In reply to ]
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Good news is I will be hating men on my heavy flow day, so I will be motivated to race harder

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