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Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 12/8/08
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How'd everyone do this week? I had a better week than last time, but still not great.

- Wanted to get in 5 P90X workouts, but only did 4 - I did the 4 hardest ones, though, so that's something
- Wanted to get in 2 runs and did 0 :(
- Goal was to be down 1 lb and I'm down 1.5, so that's good

This week has the same goals as last week:
- Five P90X workouts
- Two runs
- Down 1 lb
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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 12/8/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Hey, as always, thanks for doing this Dawn!! and glad you had a better week.

I am posting early instead of late this week. :-)

My usual goals for the past couple months has been 2 bikes, 3-4 runs, 3 swims, and 2 strengths. I've been mostly reaching that except for the strength sessions!

This past week:

2 bikes, one trainer, one outside which was good. Haven't been outside on bike and I realize how much I like riding in cold weather!
2 swims
1 strength
3 runs but DAMN on the last one (Sat) I slightly twisted ankle, not bad, but didn't do planned swim or strength on Sun

Am not running till Thursday but ankle is okay. I've done this enough to know when it's bad and when not, luckily now is not. Maybe I need to wear protective ankle armor or something. :-) OR just do ankle strengthening things. Yeah that would be better.

Food okay, I did a bunch of cooking yesterday and lost 1/2 pound.

this week:
2 runs
3 bikes
4 swims
2 strengths

Think I'm going to up the swimming this & next month in planning for the US masters postal swim thing end of January, a one-hour continual swim...
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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 12/8/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Oh how I have come to love the off season. I just do whatever I feel like, making sure I do something most days. So much fun.

Ran several times, including one 10k run that included a huge killer hill. Trying to keep the pace up since I am planning to do a 50-miler next year as my "A" race.

Swimming with masters, and since I moved into a faster lane my yardage has gone up ~ 4000 yd per workout.

I missed my 2-hour weekly spin class (roads were bad) so I'll spend some extra time on the trainer this week.

I am lifting weights regularly, which is great for the agro-factor. Economy in the crapper? Throw an extra 25 pounds on the bar and AAAAAARGH!!!!! let it out.

Diet still squeaky clean. No diet soda! I think this is the longest I have gone with out diet soda since there have been more choices than just Tab.
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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 12/8/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Goals for last week:
1) Stay with the stretching-- Bad. Had time crunches on all my workouts so I just did my normal stretching and not my expanded routine.
2) Good TT on the bike (FTP test on the computrainer) -- Did ok. I was able to ride hard and kept at it even when it hurt. My numbers were a bit lower than I wanted but you can't ask for everything. The day after doing this I won a gift certificate for a performance test at Vision QUest Coaching with Robbie Ventura so hopefully he will be able to give me some feedback on how to improve my biking.
3) Beware of junk calories.-- FAIL. I don't think there is any other way but junk calories to label the raw cookie dough and dark chocoloate I ate.

Wasn't a goal but I did run a Cross Country race yesterday in the bitter freezing cold. It was somewhere between 5 and 8F at the start. The race was at a horse farm and not on trails. It was super hilly and had tons of water crossings and logs to jump over. My words to describe it are wet, fun, slipperly, fun, wet, fun, snowy, fun, and fun. I love trail running. It was my slowest 8k ever but one of the most fun.

Goals for this week:
1) At least two sessions stretching
2) At least two sessions strenght
3) Have a fun and clock good times at my intrasquad masters meet

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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 12/8/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Last week....

  • Train 7 hours...got in 6:25...close but no cigar!....

  • 2 xc ski workouts...got it in...including a 2 hour ski that was my first long ski of the year...

  • finalize urban adventure run course and produce maps...got this done...need a few more tweaks and then I will be ready to go....

  • get weight to 173 consistently in the morning....I was 174 all week....I guess the good thing is I am steady but I still would like to be 2 lbs down....

This week:
  • Get in 7 hours of training...
  • Put on a great Urban Adventure Run on campus with over 15 participants...
  • Nordic ski twice with one ski over 2:15...
  • get weight to 173 or at least dont gain....

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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 12/8/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Terrible first part of the week. My back was killing me from a hard race on Sunday and then too many days of 10-11 hours at work meant a bunch of ZERO days.

But, I went to Boulder on Friday and decompressed with some very great people. Did two hikes up the little moutain and tried a little jogging on my foot with not much problem.

And, I was telling my friend that I really hate December (cold, dark, Christmas crap, etc.) and he said, "Well, it's no longer December. It's now known as MONTH 12!" That made me laugh out loud and brightened my day. So, only 23 days left of Month 12.

Goals this week: Train every day. Track clinic on Saturday. Cyclocross race on Sunday.


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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 12/8/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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My goal involved not counting calories, and frequency and consistency in workouts.

I had a really rough week at school and eating disorder symptoms are my "default" (my therapist's term) for coping with stress. I had one day where I was able to tell my head "STOP" every time it started to add calories, and not write it down. The other days were filled with food-related anxiety, counting, measuring things... it gives me an illusion of control.

The second goal , I nailed.
s: 13k (4x)
b: 5:50 (7x)
r: 71.2 mi (7x)
yoga - 60 min

I am not sure what my goals for this week are... I'll get on that tomorrow.

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