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Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 10/6/08
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How'd everyone do this week with respect to their goals? Tell us the good and the bad and how you're going to change this coming week.

- I had a terrible week with workouts. Just didn't get out there (again!). Sunday is American Zofingen and it is truly going to suck given my lack of real training. I'm just out there to survive. In fact, XBayTri and I are gunning for the lanterne rouge!! I have to learn from this race and realize that September and later races are just not right for me given where my family is at this point in time. I just don't have the time in my schedule to train properly after August, at least not for any significant distances.
- Lost another 0.6 lbs, so at least the weight is heading in the right direction. Gotta try to be really good with nutrition this week leading up to the race.

Who's next?
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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 10/6/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Rode a century in record time for me: < 5:20 (flat course). I was passed only by a few tandem bikes and several large, fast pelotons. Ran for 30 minutes off the bike. I could have gone faster but I was practicing my pacing strategy for IMFL. Also, stuck to my on-bike nutrition in spite of a rest stop that had pie and ice cream. Yes, I turned down ice cream.

Got in solid long run last week plus I ran 10k the morning after the century. I got in some ocean swimming on Sunday which was a nice change from the pool. Probably only swam about a mile or so but it was fun.

Bad news is my weight is up a couple of pounds. This close to IMFL I am not about to cut calories. I did not majorly pig out this weekend but since we were out of town we ate out every meal and we ate a lot of crap. I suspect that is the culprit.

IMFL is 25 days away!!!!
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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 10/6/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Goals for last week:

1) Get in two core sessions -- Does it count that I did two in 1 day. I hit a pilates class and then followed it up with a fitflex class (my gym's version of body pump) on Monday?
2) Log daily food and make calorie goals on 5 of 7 day-- Didn't do so well. I believe the only day I made my calorie goal was the day I was in the hospital and I only ate 1 meal that day.

Goals for this week:
1) Refocus on nutrition
2) Rest -- Take the Dr's advice and no workouts till next Monday at the earliest.

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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 10/6/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Last weeks goals:

1) get in 2 rollerski sessions to prep my arms and leg muscles.....trying to avoid the shoulder bursitis that is not uncommon for me early in XC ski season....

I did only one....

2) Try a slow/run hike to see how my delicate bits are recovering...

done...ran twice and feeling pretty good.....getting close to normal but not quite there...

3) get in 6 hours of total aerobic training....

got in 6:27...good...

4) Put on a great Adventure Run on Friday night...hope to get 30-40 people out and navigating the woods at top speed in the night...

done....had 34....everyone had a good time but would like a few more people...

5) move weight down to 173 by the end of the week.....

hung around 174 all week but was 173.8 this morning...decent....

This week:
1) 7 hours of training...
2) 2 runs...go for normal...
3) try one night bike ride...
4) finalize and tape last adventure run course...
5) Rollerski once...
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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 10/6/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Lose 2 lbs. - Which I can do if I start SAYING NO to crappy food!!!
Yah, did not happen. I enjoyed crappy food.

* Have fun at the Picton Half Marathon - am running it for FUN only.
OMG, it was FUN FUN FUN. Gorgeous day, nice scenery on the course and ran with an injured friend so we had no time goal, no pressure etc. LOVED IT.

*Work my ass off at swimming T/Th morning*
Went on Tuesday only and it was great. Have to put it on hold till Nov due to dental work.

* Start reading the Time Travellers Wife.
Not yet.


Get through dental appts.
Start better eating habits.
Exercise when it fits in w/ feeling up to par and stop stressing when I miss a run or what not, it's the down time for me.

Complete my first ever DU. I've only ever done Tri's and am doing a Sprint Du on saturday! I haven't ridden my bike in 2 weeks :)

Proud member of the Guru Cartel, EH!
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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 10/6/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Another good week for me :-)

Goals for last week:
-continue eating right: A+++ ...2 weeks in a row of 'perfect' eating
-workout 6/7 days, increasing run times: A ...got in 3 bikes (45 minutes on trainer each), 3 swims (1800 scyds each), and 2 runs (up to 20 minutes each from last week's 15 minutes).
-finish the background section for my qualifying exam paper: C ...got a lot of reading/notetaking done, but didn't get much of anything actually written. I did a major house cleaning while trying to get motivated, though ...do I get points for that?

Goals for this week:
-continue eating right: my family is coming to visit this weekend, so I must stay strong when eating out and/or dessert is involved.
-workout 6/7 days, adding one more 20 minute run to what I did last week.
-get moving on my paper!!!
-I'm not sure if this can really be a goal, but I am willing myself to have a good tummy week. Tomorrow I get to start fulfilling my life-long dream (seriously!) of working in a high-containment (BSL3) lab with select agents. It is kind of hard to deal with 'emergencies' in the space-suit style gear you have to wear in those labs...
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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 10/6/08 [DawnT] [ In reply to ]
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Last week's goals:

1. swim 15k at least --- CHECK --- swam 23k
2. run half mary in <1:35 -- didn't race, have some foot soreness that I'm not sure what it is. Ran too much early in the week, wound up with 6 runs (52 mi) lesson learned there. CUT IT OUT TIGERCHIK. Good news is I think one of my run friends is going to help me come up with a plan for running... and hold me accountable to it.
3. Foam roll 2x a day -- did most days.
4. Shoulder and IT band PT every other day -- missed 1 but shoulders have been doing ok.

My other issue... I've been branching out into new foods. This is a good thing, it's sitting with the anxiety over it that's difficult, I had kind of a meltdown on Saturday after pasta (a fear food...) but got through it... and had a whole bunch of new stuff yesterday. So a goal here, keep increasing variety and challenge the idea of safe foods, specific food goal for this week is to eat a sandwich including the bread rather than just picking out the veggies. Don't laugh at me. Did not weigh myself this morning, have no idea if I maintained/lost from last week and actually do not really want to know.

This week's goal:
-Get 8 hours of sleep a night. I've been getting like 6.5.
-see above about nutrition

that's it... this is the week before fall break so I'm busy with school and don't want to try to make training goals.

maybe she's born with it, maybe it's chlorine
If you're injured and need some sympathy, PM me and I'm very happy to write back.
disclaimer: PhD not MD
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Re: Weekly "How'd You Do?" Thread - 10/6/08 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Had a decent week. Well, every week is "decent" actually, I should say I did most everything! Even if we don't do all we planned, as long as we learn from it - it's still good.

What I planned and did:

3 bike rides
done. one was my VERY FIRST EVER mountain bike ride (short) which was waaay fun. other 2 were windy/hilly/rainy days which made me feel like a studette.
2 swims
done. not as long as I wished. this week will be longer
3 runs
done. yippee! 28 minutes for 2, other one was only 2 miles. but faster.
1 weight session
at least 2 core/stretch/foam roll
2 foam roll, 1 core, 3 stretch.

Ate decently and lost a tiny bit more weight.

Only thing I was not totally happy with was my weekly total time - but - this week I start a planned off-season training plan so that will probably get better. But generally I am feeling pretty okay about the training especially b/c I had such a mediocre season (well, almost not a season at all!). Looking forward to more focused work!
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