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Wahoo Customer Support issues? Is this the norm?
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So decided to pull the trigger and get a Wahoo Kickr. Seeing the website had refurbished models available, I thought I would save $200 and deal with scratches.

Arrived in 3 days. I'm giddy...until I tried to pair with it via Bluetooth. No Go. I tried to pair with my iPad, my wife's phone, nope. Stuck in perpetual "connecting" mode. I call my coach who has several for training class and recommend Ant+ pairing using a dongle then see if the pairing sticks. Amazon 1-day order later it pairs immediately with the unit but watts are dropping like crazy. I look online and try all of the tricks. Still dropping

I call customer support. Super friendly. They tell me that it's the first time they heard of it despite forums here that talk about it. Tells me I need a firmware update but only way that can happen is if I connect via Bluetooth. Ugh. He says a tech will call but no call. Two days later I call again saying I didn't get a call and I just want to return it. He says he can trade it or I can buy up to new model but I have to pay for shipping...of a 50lb box... if I want to return. Awesome. I ask to talk to someone but no call back...again.

So to recap..it doesn't work...they can't fix it...I want my money back but the only way to do that is I spend money to ship it. Nice.

Am I an anomaly?
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Re: Wahoo Customer Support issues? Is this the norm? [trytri3] [ In reply to ]
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Ummmmm...you posted this in the Womens Forum...did you mean to post it in the Triathlon Forum instead???

My $0.02 is that maybe you would be well advised to do more shopping in your local bike shop for large items. When you have problems, then you have a human being to take your merchandise to and deal with directly. You may spend a little more, but getting it right online doesn't appear to be your forte' with you have displayed so far. Your LBS will take good care of you ;-)

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