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Swimwear sizes
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Why do swimwear and triathlon wear companies assume that small women have no boobs?

I'm normally a size XS or S in normal clothes and sportswear, but I have to buy a size M swimming costume to get my chest in (and its not even that big). I could really use an XS wetsuit over most of my body, but there is not enough room in the chest and I can't breathe so have to size up.

Drives me nuts :( ........ I can't be the only one with this issue?
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Re: Swimwear sizes [Island] [ In reply to ]
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I've worked at 3 tri wetsuit companies, one was also an apparel company. At all 2, we worked very hard to get our sizing consistent across the board, but boy, it wasn't easy. We have a much greater variety of both men's and women's body types swimming, biking, and running, than previously.
Thankfully, there are lots of choices, but as we know, everyone has their own particular shape.
One brand I've noticed that does an excellent job on women's sizing and styles is Coeur Sports. Kebby, the owner and founder, does a phenomenal job of designing beautiful, functional, and durable active sport apparel for women. Plus, she and the staff are a lot of fun.
Zoot Sports is another brand that has great styles and customer service.
You can also give the folks at Title Nine a call. While not specifically aimed at multisport athletes, their customer service for exercise bras is unmatched. Those people really know, and care, that their customers get the best-fitting bras for their chosen activities.
If you have further questions, PM me.

Karen ST Concierge
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