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Summer Boot Camp
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Boot Camp is great cross training, lots of core, plyometrics, speed, balance and flexibility work. Next Session of Boot Camp begins Tuesday June 2nd and will run through Thursday July 9th. FEEL FREE TO FORWARD THIS TO FRIENDS! PLEASE RSVP no later then MAY 12th - 2009 - Thank you! I know a few of you are getting married, or going on (bathing suit) vacations...this will get you ready!!! :)
“You’ve been taking care of everything & everyone else for far too long! It’s time to start taking care of you. Whether you’ve battled your whole life or just a short time – I want to help, I want to empower you! It is about changing your habits so you can change your life - once and for all!”
What if I could empower you lose 5 - 10 lbs, loose 2 to 5% body fat (at the least)?
Imagine if you never had to worry about high blood pressure, high cholesterol or Diabetes? Imagine if you could fit into all those clothes in your closet that you haven't worn for years? Sound impossible? It isn’t!
Sho’s Boot Camp Fitness workouts include, but are not limited to, cardiovascular, speed and endurance, partner resistance, strength training with bands, body weight baring exercises, flexibility, Core, agility training, utilizing play ground equipment, steps, plyometrics, farklets – (a Swedish term meaning speed play), guerilla drills, grass drills, group challenges, and over 20 versions of the military style push-up!! All this and MORE! Sho’s Bootcamp goes beyond a physical workout. It’s about changing your thinking, which will change your habits, which will change your life.
What Results/Successes have some of the past cadets obtained from Sho’s Boot Camp:
1-3 inch decrease in the midsection
25% improvement in endurance
25% improvement in strength
Improved Posture
A better understanding of nutrition
3-5% reduction in body fat
5-10 pounds weight loss
(Results may vary from person to person)

What’s holding you back from joining a class today? Cost? Out of shape? Too busy?
Personal training sessions can cost $60-$100 each. Twelve sessions would cost between $600-$1,200. Boot Camp Fitness provides the intensity of a personal training session with the motivation from a group environment. You get the best of both worlds, at a fraction of the cost!

Haven’t worked out in months or years?
NO WORRIES!!. Sho’s Boot Camp Fitness is for all fitness levels – whether you work out daily or haven’t worked out in years. I know that everyone has different wellness/fitness goals and thus my boot camp is designed to promote mind/body training by incorporating both desired physical goals and mental wellness.

Scared? Boot Camp sounds like “Hell?” I will not lie or sugar coat it. It will be work and at times it will be challenging but if you are reading this then I KNOW that you CAN handle it. You WANT this!!! Sho’s Boot Camp is based upon the principles of discipline, motivation, and teamwork! Even though this is based on a military-style training program, no one will ever embarrass or harass you. This program is about having FUN, motivation, and seeing REAL results!
Motivation: The Key to Your Success
Motivation is a major key to your success. The sessions are continuously being developed to keep motivation levels high. No two workouts will ever be the same! Come on I get board easy!! J My goal is to prevent YOU from getting board! Each person at Boot Camp Fitness starts and finishes together. I am dedicated, loyal and committed to you through out our weeks together.

Stretching, Balanced Workout, and Measuring Results
each class begins with a good warm up, followed by a workout that combines strength, ability, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility exercises. Each class ends with a thought-provoking devotional. Fitness assessments are performed at the beginning and end of the six week program to gauge each person’s strength and speed improvement.
Fitness Assessment -
This FA will be conducted the first and last day of the six-weeks. This test will include a 1 mile timed walk/jog/run 2 minute sit-up – 2 minute push-up- a count pull-up / hanging hold test - 2 minute-squat- 2 minute dips-

What do you get for you money?
Intense workouts
Weekly Wellness emails
Access to www.shagfitness.com for weekly wellness news letters.
Six Weeks one hour twice a week session –
BMI test at the beginning and end of the Six Week challenge
Fitness Assessment at the beginning and end of the six week
Weekly Weigh INS
Nutrition Assessments Unlimited Email Support
The next session of Sho’s Boot Camp will begin Tuesday June 2nd through Thursday July 9th 2009 conducted at Berney Park 6301 Curzon Ave Fort Worth Texas.
Rain or Shine Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00am – 7:00am

*Currently Partcipating Boot Camp Cadets - $135.00
*New Partcipats $150.00 dollars for all six weeks that is $12.50 per session!
What if I just want to do only one here or there - $20.00 per session. (It pays to sign up for the entire SIX weeks) Come on what are you waiting for!!

Contact: Shawna Gibson - 817-296-1769 - girlztriharder@yahoo.com - Sho Cancer Commandos, Soldiers for a Cure!

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