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Sprint to 70.3
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I'm from a background of 22 yrs fitness 66% of the time... Skiing then yoga etcetera then running for 5 yrs half marathons (3) in 2010
Then I got lazy again
This year I started training for a couple of late sprint tri's. then injured now back to where i was in summer.
I now swim 750 x2 run 5and 7 miles and bike 16 3x, strength 2x 30 mins.
I'm now pretty overweight and can't really see that changing. I'm 40 in October and F.
Time is not much of an issue. My weight might be with long-term over use injuries, So I don't really know where to pitch my training. I want to do as much as I can injury free.

My question would be what should your base be like before a half iron man? Assuming a 20 week training plan?

I have signed up for a half marathon in April, a Sprint in May bicycle ride of 60 miles in August and an Olympic distance in October

Does that all sounds sensible? And is 70.3 possible the year after.
I can't do more than 3.8 mi in 21 mins on a rolling circuit (go 4x round ATM.

I'm not fast. My swim is 1min for 25 m freestyle consistent and I can run 5 mi in 50 mins
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Re: Sprint to 70.3 [CloudDog] [ In reply to ]
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It sounds like you've got some big goals, cool :)

A 70.3 is totally possible, but focus on the oly first. Get through that and evaluate that experience before signing up for a 70.3. From what you've just wrote, it sounds to me like staying injury free and being consistent will be key.

What have you done so far to work on your swim? If you're swimming 25m in 1 min, I would strongly recommend devoting a chunk of time to your swim. If you can get some lessons or get on a masters team, that would probably be best. An oly swim is no joke. It deserves some serious respect. The bike and run aren't a cake-walk either, but there are real consquences to being out in open water without the skills to be there. Do you have access to a pool? How many days a week can you swim?

The question you asked is: what should your base be like before starting a 20 week HIM training plan? It depends a lot on the athlete's history in the three sports, the time they can devote to training, their ability to recover, and any current injuries, health concerns or other limitations. For example, if someone hasn't been in the pool for years, but they're an ex D1 swimmer, I wouldn't worry about their training base in swimming the same way I would worry about a novice swimmer.

If you're already running 5-7 miles at 10mpm, you are sitting pretty for finishing an oly and it looks like you'll be scaling that up for your HM in April, so the run seems to be on track. Bike fitness will come with more time riding, and your scheduled 60 mile ride will give you very good training for your oly and a good idea of what a HIM ride will be like. So your run and bike plan sound pretty good, but I would really focus on your swim.

Good luck!
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Re: Sprint to 70.3 [Push] [ In reply to ]
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Thanks very much for this very helpful reply
I will put the time in in the pool and next year, the sea

I have a long way to go with the swim and really take on board what you said
I can actually do 100m in 3 mins, thinking about it in a 25 m pool but that's not significantly better, the 25 a minute is over about 750m at least
I'm getting a garmin 910xt
So soon I can be more accurate
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