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SRAM shifters w/ shims -- do they work with small hands?
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All --

I posted this question on the main forum and didn't get much response; hopefully the collective knowledge of the Womens will get me somewhere.

I've been riding with the Shimano 9spd small-hand shifters for several years. They work fine, I can reach the brake lever, etc. But when I ordered my new road bike, I decided to switch to SRAM Rival. I'm not blown away by SRAM -- shifting to the big chainring takes a lot more oomph than I'm used to -- but the biggest problem is that I have to reaaaalllly stretch to reach the brake levers when in the drops.

So. It seems I have two options: (1) go back to Shimano and the small-hand shifters, or (2) replace my 2008 Rival shifters with Force or Red (or the 2009 Rivals) that have shims that allow you to change the angle of the brake level to move it closer to the bars. I know the Shimano route will work. Does anyone have any experience with using the SRAM shims? Do they move the levers enough? I have fairly small hands, but they're not doll-sized or anything.

Or should I say screw it, I'm switching to Campy!

Please help!
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