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Recommendations for prescription sunglasses
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I'm looking for new prescription sunglasses, mostly for cycling. I've had a pair of Oakley Flak Jackets (Asian fit) for a number of years. They're OK but slightly too big, and I wonder if the youth Quarter Jacket would be better. I'd prefer sunglasses semi-rimless frames - I find sweat or rain tend to build up in that part of the frame and make it hard to see.

Any recommendations for prescription sunglasses with a smaller fit and polarized lens?
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Re: Recommendations for prescription sunglasses [hyr00] [ In reply to ]
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I have Asian fit (because I have a stupidly tiny nose) and prescription Half Jackets that I really love (photochromic). My previous frames were Adidas. In spite of being a size small frame, they never fit well, were brittle plastic, and the aftermarket prescription lenses fell out super easily. So this time I sprung for the $$ Oakley lenses. I have no regrets. They fit great on my small face (I wear a size M helmet, but my actual face is pretty small, if that makes sense) and the lenses are nearly impossible to remove, so I don't worry about them popping-out when I stick them on my head. No significant fogging issues, either.

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