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New Pelvic Floor Excercise DVD
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Slowtwitch Women,

(I apologize in advance if you feel that this should be in "classifieds")
I wanted to make all of the ladies out there aware of my wife's company and their new DVD release: "Hab It / Pelvic Floor"- An at-home physical therapy regimen for women suffering from incontinence, prolapse or pelvic floor pain. Millions of women suffer from the consequences of weakened pelvic floor muscles. Whether you are a new mother or a serious athlete, the symptoms of pelvic floor weakness can cause embarrassment and stop you from doing the training, races and activities you love to do. My wife, Tasha Mulligan, is a physical therapist, athletic trainer and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. She was an All-American college athlete and an elite triathlete. After the birth of our son 5 years ago these symptoms kept her training and competing. She developed these excercises and saw an immediate benefit, avoided surgery and other costly medical interventions, and was able to resume training symptom free. She has incorporated these excercises in the recovery of our other two children as well. If you, or your significant other, is experiencing any of these issues please go to www.hab-it.com or contact Tasha at tasha@ptpartnersllc.com with any questions. You can also PM me. Thanks.

Jim Mulligan
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