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Need some help. Women's training group name.
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I've occasionally lurked in the women's forum just to see what you all had to say over here but haven't spent a great deal of time so I'd like to start my first thread over here in an attempt to help my girlfriend.

She has just completed her Master's in Exercise Phys and she's ready to start a coaching business. We have had trouble thinking of a name for the group and I was hoping for some suggestions from you.

She wants to target primarily women since we have plenty of coaching here in SD but they tend to be men and we have had quite a few women tell us they wish they had a female coach. She has no problem coaching men and will definitely do it. She'll also be focusing on swim and run to start as they are her backgrounds and possibly adding triathlon down the road.

So, anyone have any suggestions for a coaching business name that is somewhat feminine but won't completely turn us guys off from signing up?

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