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Medical question - blood sugar r/o
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Back in November, I had routine bloodwork done and my glucose level came back high (aka prediabetic). Doc put me on a strict diet & exercise plan, lost 10 lbs & retested in Jan. Blood sugar was still high.

Since then, I've kept the weight off, but have fallen off the diet wagon so to speak and returned to my old diet (high carb/high sugar), so I had my glucose checked yesterday at a local health fair. Lady testing tells me I need to follow up with my doc b/c my blood sugar is borderline too low ?? I had eaten pretty badly the day before, including 3 cookies, pizza and several beers (but still fasted the required 12 hours)

All 3 tests were done fasting. I've never had any abnormal glucose test results before now. I'm so confused?? Anybody have any experience or insight?

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Re: Medical question - blood sugar r/o [Elsa] [ In reply to ]
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Diabetics (both Type I and Type II) typically have blood sugars that are out of what we call the normal range of 70-110.

High blood sugars in diabetics are usually related to eating too many carbohydrates and the lack of insulin produced by one's body to compensate. Low blood sugars are caused by too few carbohydrates or too much insulin.

Most non-diabetics do not see numbers outside of this range regardless of fasting or non-fasting. My fasting blood sugar is usually right around 80. If I don't fast, its usually only at 85 or so.

I would encourage you to speak with your doctor soon. Based on what you have been experiencing, you are likely diabetic. As a dietitian, I find that physicians like to say pre-diabetic or borderline diabetic. In my opinion, you either are or you aren't. If you are, you need to receive education on a diet plan (from a registered dietitian) and you need to know if you need to be on any insulin medication (i.e., oral or injected).

If you have any more questions, feel free to pm me.

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Re: Medical question - blood sugar r/o [gwaveswims] [ In reply to ]
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Thanks for the info! I've scheduled a follow-up w/ my doc *fingers crossed*
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