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Keeping all this tri gear organized!
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Dearie me I am messed up... please tell me you struggle somedays with this issue!

Well I have about 3 years' worth of tri crap I am finally sorting out. Pathetic I know. I had one milk crate each for the S/B/R stuff. Well then there is a lake swim bag (body glide, binoculars, some club safety gear, extra goggles and caps for members who need them), a yoga bag sometimes, a pool bag. Oh and another pool bag for another pool where I have to bring my own shamppo and towels and some forms for swimmers to sign). THEN the occasional need to pack a race bag, or a Century ride bag. You know the dental floss that is just right for tying your shoes to the skewers. Not just ANY floss will do!

Plus an area in garage for the helmet, shoes, saddle bag etc. Fuel in pantry, water bottles in one part of cupboard. And --HORRORS-- some stuff could go in more than one bag/location! ;-)

OCD coupled with analysis-paralysis and procrastination!!

This is driving me NUTS! I really want a system to keep up with! Be able to grab my ___ bag and head out the door. I am thinking of duplicate shampoos bottles, sunscreen, body glide etc. And of course I need only one SWIMMING bag. Duh.

What are you all doing to (1) organize and (2) stay on top of that system?? I am throwing out stuff too-- old yucky swim caps (some sentimental value but I was ruthless), but what about the weird crap like hand warmer thingies you put in your gloves, the arm and leg warmers... Gee I may need a WINTER running crate now! J/K ("simplify" dammit!)

And the weird mounting doohickeys that came with my aero botttle that I don't need, and the orphaned HRM chest strap with no wrist receiver. Gee what weird weird landfill crap I am creating. And which friggin' electronic device does THIS battery go to??

Just so you know I am pissin' away time on ST rather than going back to finish the half-done job of sorting out this pile o' tri-crap on my bed!

Okay back to my task now, I swear, but maybe I'll check email first. LOL
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Re: Keeping all this tri gear organized! [PBJ] [ In reply to ]
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I have a big Zoot transition bag that all kinds of crap goes into. The hand-warmer thingies, chamois cream, race belt, gels, armwarmers, chain lube, all of it. I have them subdivided by catagory in ziplock gallon bags so that I can find stuff easily. All bike fixing-type stuff in one, gels and bars in another and personal care stuff in a third. I throw that bag in my car whenever I go on a long ride or to a race. I always have whatever I need. For long runs, I can travel lighter. I have a couple drawstring bags that I use for that. I can pull my personal care ziplock out of the trainsition bag, pop it in a drawstring bag with waterbottles and I'm set.

Old, rarely used stuff gets put into the huge wicker trunk that is at the base of my treadmill. Such as, the 4 saddles that I've gone through to find a comfortable one. And, the old helmet I never wear anymore. And, my old bike shoes, 2 pairs.

Outside of my transition bag and that trunk I have a section of the kitchen cabinets devoted to my waterbottles and it drives my husband nuts. He hates! them.

I have a rubbermade tub for my cycling clothes and my run stuff is kept in a drawer. Sneakers in varying states of decay are scattered about.

There is just too much stuff to keep track of.


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Re: Keeping all this tri gear organized! [PBJ] [ In reply to ]
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at least they are in separate crates! that is a start.

I really didnt understand the dental floss thing?
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Re: Keeping all this tri gear organized! [PBJ] [ In reply to ]
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Organization? I don't understand. :)
I have stuff strewn all over my condo. Definitely one of the plus' for being single!

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Re: Keeping all this tri gear organized! [PBJ] [ In reply to ]
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I had to do the purging of old tri crap as well. It's amazing what crazy stuff one holds on to isn't it? (What exactly did I think I was going to do with half a length of bar tape?!) I'm still struggling with organizing everything, but here's what I've been doing lately that has been working pretty well.

Step one: metal shelving in the bedroom with a series of boxes on it (I got the boxes from IKEA and they are about 1 foot wide by 2 feet long and maybe 8-10" deep and have a lid) Each box has a categorie - i.e. cycling stuff, race clothes, winter run clothes, etc. For things that have fewer items, I've employed some of my running shoe boxes (i.e. swim stuff) Unless I get lazy, I just put my laundry into it's respective boxes and it keeps everything pretty easy to find.

Step two: I assembled all of the sundry items (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) into one of those travel toiletries bags and it goes from gym bag to whatever bag I happen to be packing. That way I don't have to keep track of multiple bags. I do keep duplicate bottles of shampoo/conditioner and body wash in it, in case something runs out and I forget to refill it. I have a basket at one of the pools that I swim in that I've stashed a few extra toiletries, but otherwise it's one toiletries bag for everything.

I've toyed with the idea of making a series of packing lists for the activities I don't do as often (i.e. open-water swimming... ) but so far haven't gone that far. I try to pack my bags the night before so I can think everything through in an organized fashion, so it hasn't come up thus far.

It is amazing how much crap we gather doing this sport. I marvel every time I pack a bag for a multi-day trip that might involve training...


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