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Ironwomen-the book
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Hi gorgeous ladies
Am loving life as a triathlete, I am not fast but I am committed. I have done 4 halfs and two full ironman distance triathlons (Zürich and Roth). In 2013, I completed IM Zürich, it was an experience which changed my life. With IM's permission I sent out a 22 question survey to all the female IM finishers and received 40 responses. I wrote a book, threading my journey with their emotional, insightful and entertaining responses. It is a book written by women, for women about women, and is a work of love and tri-passion.

Below you see the blurb I have posted on amazon.

Voted Book of the Year for Christmas 2018, by leading triathlon magazine “220 Triathlon” Tiffany’s book is a hilarious and informative roller coaster ride as she and 40 other women share how they took on the challenge of IRONMAN Switzerland and turned their lives inside out to make it happen. If you are looking to try Tri or are thinking about an IRONMAN, and are searching for friends who have already done one, this book is for you. The book is divided into two parts. The first part is Tiffany’s journey. Tiffany has run more than 35 half marathons, 15 marathons, 1 mountain marathon, 1 ultra marathon, has finished 3 half distance triathlons, (placing first in her age-group in 2015,) completed IRONMAN Switzerland & Challenge Roth. She is currently training for her 15th marathon. Alongside her training and writing, she is raising 5 kids. The second part contains all the wisdom from the Zürich “tri-sisters.” Their knowledge, experience and insights make fascinating reading. This is where you will need a tissue or two as they tell their stories and share 100's of new and entertaining tips. Check it all out on www.ironwomentriathlon.com

Take care out there and enjoy yourselves, Tiffany
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