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How was your week? Dec. 19 Edition
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How are you?
Do you have plans for Festivus, Christmas, Hanukkah, or some other holiday this week?

maybe she's born with it, maybe it's chlorine
If you're injured and need some sympathy, PM me and I'm very happy to write back.
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Re: How was your week? Dec. 19 Edition [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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goals for this week:
3 swims (1 done) done!
3 bikes only 1, but am fine with that
day off from running done!

M: 2 mi run + 2100 yd swim
T: 11.3 mi run
W: 9.3 mi run + 0:30 trainer
T: 7.3 mi run + 2000 yd swim
F: 9.5 mi run + 1825 yd swim
S: 3.5 mi run + 2050 yd swim
S: off

totals 8975 yd swim, 0:30 bike, 42.9 mi run

I felt really stiff this morning after the day off yesterday. Boo.
I had an informal interview with a particular school last week that went well, and I have a big-deal skype interview today. I am all dressed up in a suit and think I look like a penguin (but with a blue shirt). Ha. I'm actually really excited for this interview.

Goals for this week:
keep the run mileage to less than or equal to 53 miles
swim 5x
bike is dependent on when new rubber band for rollers arrive
do some data analysis
finish edits on Paper 1 and send to my advisor

We celebrate Festivus with pizza and an 'airing of the grievances' and watching the original Seinfeld episode. I'll invite a few friends over. I hope to see a cousin who is only in town for a few days, and on xmas we'll stay home!

maybe she's born with it, maybe it's chlorine
If you're injured and need some sympathy, PM me and I'm very happy to write back.
disclaimer: PhD not MD
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Re: How was your week? Dec. 19 Edition [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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I got in 36 miles running last week. This week the goal is 40, with a "long run" of 12.
I didn't swim or bike. Yoga 2x. I need to make strength training a priority. The swim plans were thwarted by a snow storm and it taking me so long to get home I missed masters.
So I'm hoping to make up for it this week.

I wish I had Christmas plans but alas, I'm on call all weekend. The 24th, 25th, and 26th. We were invited over to my sister in law's for Christmas dinner but I think I'm going to be "at work" even if I'm not. I'm already stressing and cranky about the call situation. Because it means that the chances of me having to go in to work are near 100%. I'd be more surprised if I didn't have to go in.
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Re: How was your week? Dec. 19 Edition [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Thanks tigerchik! Good work on your goals and good luck with your interviews. I bet you are a super fit penguin :D

<quote>This week, my plan is p/rehab every day plus two yoga sessions and two or maybe 3 strength sessions. This Saturday, I am riding my bike to Santa Barbara with a group of people from my ocean swimming group (~100 miles) and I have a bunch of tests this week to setup my offseason: A Threshold/HR test on the bike, a CSS swim test (never done one of these!), and a threshold pace test on the track.</quote>

I had a good week. I did my p/rehab every day, managed two yoga sessions, and three strength sessions. I did my official fancy schmancy bike fits but took my trusty CX on my century ride up to Santa Barbara (~100 miles with about 5K of climbing in the middle, so fun!) I did my Threshold/HR test on the bike and it went about how I expect it to -- I lost a lot of fitness and power not biking over the summer and that's a bummer but it's just a line in the sand for now. My CSS swim test went fine -- I did it in a 25Y pool so there was a lot of sliding into the wall and having to get sorted out to get going again. I really hate swimming in the pool but eventually I'm going to have to figure out how to turn around.
My coach moved my track threshold pace test to this week but I ran twice (one easy 5K after my CSS test, one long slow 9 miler -- my longest run since coming back).

This week should be pretty normal. P/rehab every day plus two yoga sessions and three strength session, probably two rides, two runs, two swims.

I hope everyone has a great week!

(Formerly SoCalTricurious, now in the PNW).
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Re: How was your week? Dec. 19 Edition [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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I have a favour to ask - the indoor race I'm doing next month is in serious financial trouble, so if you could spare a donation of any amount to help drug addicted and at-risk kids (and take the pressure off the organizer, who is without income as she cares for her father who was recently diagnosed with cancer), please click this link: DONATE HERE

Last week's goals:

run x 6: win with 7
bike x 1: FAIL
foam roll x 1: FAIL
core/strength x 4: win

Got in my longest training run for the 8-hour in January on Saturday...in a big dump of fresh snow while freezing rain fell, starting about an hour before sunset. It took me 3h40m moving time (I was out there for over 4hrs, stopping here & there to refill my hydration pack from my car or take photos) to cover a measly 27km, but the snow was knee deep in places and I was basically postholing. Tough run but got it done!

It was really beautiful, and not too chilly. The places where fat bikes had packed things down were pretty runnable.

The xc ski tracks still had 4"+ of snow under them, so much harder to run through. I scared a deer just a few metres from where this was taken and watched enraptured as it gracefully bounded away.

Knees up!

By Saturday evening the streets were glare ice from the freezing rain, and we plunged into the deep freeze - it was -10c/14f when I went out for a sunset run along the river, spotting a coyote criss-crossing the trail.

Tough slog again as it was a combo of smushy snow with a crust of ice. I started off in a pair of knockoff Yak Trax a friend gave me, but took them off halfway through because they didn't help in the snow and were putting pressure on my big toes - my left one is really prone to frostbite and I could feel it freezing up, so just ran in trail shoes the rest of the way. Finished the week with just under 75km.

Tweaked my poor left ankle a few times in the shifting snow both days so just hoping to give it a break today - my lunch run went ok despite some snow & ice on the sidewalks, but I may have to run on the streets after work because our neighbours don't seem to care about shoveling or salting their walkways. I'll be starting to taper for the 8-hour this week but want to keep the frequency up even if the runs are shorter.

Christmas will be my Mum coming out to spend the day & night at our place - we'll open presents, I'll make Christmas dinner, and then we'll have Boxing Day brunch together. Low key but I still have a ton to get done beforehand!

ill advised racing inc.
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Re: How was your week? Dec. 19 Edition [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Ha! And I always thought of you as a dolphin - highly intelligent and super fast!!

My week goals were - get rid of this stupid, stupid, useless (grrrrrrr hate it) impetigo and try and eat again. Usually I love food, but it's taken me a week to want to eat normally again after reacting badly to the antibiotics. I'm going to pig out for Christmas, I just need to find my appetite again!

My skin is healing with the antibiotic ointment, but it's taking so long. I can't swim till it's 100% healed :-( Anyway, went for a run yesterday and it was wonderful! All my little niggles have healed and i felt like a spring lamb!! Goals for this week are to do sport everyday, take it easy and don't overtrain trying to make up for last weeks missed workouts.
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Re: How was your week? Dec. 19 Edition [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Pool heater broke, so no swimming this past week. Got all my runs and bikes in though. And for a brief moment, I was #13 on the 100 runs/100 days challenge--just a fluke though, and will never happen again.

I'm starting to figure out how to best train, working around injury recovery and demanding work. I'm too stiff and sore in the am to run, and it's too damn cold and far to the pool. I'm going to give am bike trainer rides a try, and see how that goes.

Whether you celebrate the Solstice or something else, happy and safe holidays to everyone!

No coasting in running and no crying in baseball
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Re: How was your week? Dec. 19 Edition [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Hi, Ladies!

Still can't comprehend those snow pictures... it was 50 degrees over the weekend and I wimped out and did a treadmill workout. In tights. I'm such a wuss. But 50 is really, really cold for us here. If the sun is out it should be 70 degrees. Ha.

Great week last week. Did 3 swims for the Guppy challenge. So far, so good. Getting some form back. I've been out of the pool for waaaaay tooooo long. I'm still slow as ever. Patience.

Doing the 100/100 challenge as well. So far, I'm one run per day. I was kind of freaking out after my 25k trail race two weeks ago that I had a twinge in my left knee, but it has resolved itself even with daily light running. Today I was back on my tempo and getting ready for another 25k on Jan 7.

I think my bike is still in my garage. I should probably go check.... make sure it is still there. I'll hop back on after the 1st. Just taking a break from it for a bit. No reason. Just swimming and running.

No big holiday plans. Kid is at the age where he wants to be on a beach as far away from us as possible (age 20) so we might get a glimpse of him at some point over the weekend. The cat still loves me and will hang with me and hubby on holiday. I'm just bummed all the pools are closed on holiday. Doesn't everybody want to swim on their holiday? Oh well. Rest day? Nah. Maybe I'll go find my bike....


Hillary Trout
San Luis Obispo, CA

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Re: How was your week? Dec. 19 Edition [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Oh my I am so happy I finally got some time to log on and read all these posts. It makes me happy to read about all the progress and adventures and new possibilities. It feels good to feel happy for a change. I am ready to leave 2016 behind and start anew.

Last week: skated 4x, felt really good and really enjoyed them all. We've had huge amounts of snow (which is extremely unusual for Vancouver to have ANY snow) so I added in a xc ski session (first in ages) and a MTB Snow ride. :-) So much fun!

For this week, I decided to commit to nothing other than our last skate of 2016, which was fantastic. I also booked Monday off work (Snow day - there was heaps and I was not driving 2+hrs each way for a 6hr shift - sorry!) to spend with K. We loafed around the house, played in the snow, made tea (she's a big tea nerd - got a tea advent calendar from David's Tea which is pretty spectacular stuff I must say as a non-regular tea drinker), went out for a bit of final shopping, had poutine for lunch... it was a really great day and I'm glad I took the time off work to spend with her. I would like to get a run in for the 24th, watch the Packers game, dinner with family, then quick overnight trip (25->26) to Kelowna to visit in-laws. I am hoping the weather will be OK enough for the next week to attempt the Rapha #festive500 (ride 500km in between Xmas and NY).

Happy holidays everyone and I hope you all enjoy your time with friends, family, furbabies, cookies... whatever fills you with joy!


EDIT: Oh and I quit my job today :-) A.

"How bad could it be?" - SimpleS
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