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Hotel reservation for ITU Multisport Worlds 24APR2019-28APR2019 in Pontevedra, Spain
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I booked and payed for a hotel reservation ( 4 nights, 24APR2019-28APR2019) at Hotel Villa de Marin,
which is approximately 10km from Pontevedra, Spain.
but have now decided to stay in Team USA hotel.
The originally booked room is for 2 quests. The room type is
'Standard Double or Twin Room, Ensuite. Included amenities-Free Internet'.
You can see the pictures of above hotel at 'http://www.orbitz.com' website
or just 'google' the hotel name, 'Hotel Villa de Marin'.
If interested in this reservation please email 'springfieldjames@yahoo.com' for more details.
Original price was $350. Current price for identical reservation on Orbitz is $520.
Will give away for $300. Thanks.
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